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On Aug 10th 2020 we launched our new affiliates and distributors packages to Ceremonialists, Yogis, Space Holders, Women’s Work Facilitators, Men’s Work Facilitators, Funky Shops, Unique Health Food Stores, Coolest Cafes, Crystal Shops etc. 

Our aim was to create a new paradigm of business, a platform to support you as much as you support us, an epic exchange of energy.  

The biggest part of our aim has been to create a system where we are able to supply FREE Tribal Moon Cacao to all our affiliates around the world. 

It is from this intention that our exchange program has been created.

Please email [email protected] for expressions of interest and any inquiries. New Affiliate intakes every month.

Support The Tribe

We love supporting environmental and wellbeing organisations, and we love supporting tribe running events in spirituality of all kinds, music & art, wellbeing and more. Get in touch if this you and you would like some cacao love at your event.

This epic tribe of humans are all uniquely gifted in a miriad of art forms, skills sets and qualifications. Simply click on their websites to learn more. 

Some of the funkiest health food stores, cafes, crystal shops, spiritual temples, coffee & teas houses, clothing boutiques and more where you can gran yourself a big decadent bag of our cacao medicine.

It is possible that you can never have to much cacao... and it is possible to buy Tribal Moon Cacao through any of the people listed on this page, so if you feel it, please get in contact with them to buy your cacao, and support them on their missions in this lifetime.


Tribal Moon Cacao has become a way of life for us and our tribe around the world, and we openly invite you to this incredible family of deep souls, health freaks, foodies, yogis, spiritual gangstas, artists, tantric souls and creatives of all kinds, and most importantly you and all the magic we see possible for you to bring by simply by showing up.

Honestly, the thing we love the most is engaging with our tribe, so please drop us a message, tag us on social media and share the love of cacao with your friend family.

Here at Tribal Moon Cacao, we are all about creating new ways of being, recreating the best possible representation of self on the daily, tuning in and blending incredible and divine ancient wisdom in new and contemporary paradigm-shifting ways and creating the new world movement through gratitude, love and plant medicine.

Keep an eye on this page as we will be announcing all the awesome Tribal Moon Cacao affiliates over the next few weeks and featuring all of their incredible gifts and unique magical offerings.

Much Love from the Tribal Moon Cacao Tribe


The Empowered Goddess Collective FB Group was inspired by Jay Hoad & Tribal Moon Cacao as a means to honour, celebrate and contribute in the sharing of the divine feminine collective.

10% of all Tribal Moon Cacao purchased through any of these Empowering Women goes directly back to supporting them on their mission in this lifetime.

Please be sure to have a look through the various bios, websites and modalities of work that is offered here; we invite you to connect if it resonates with you.

We celebrate you
We honour you
We thank you

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