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Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao is Criollo Cacao grown in Northern Peru.It is farmed in an area that is known for being part of the Ancient Meso-American Civilization, a location famous for providing the highest AAA grade ceremonial cacao in the world.

Cacao is a sacred plant medicine and Tribal Moon Cacao is cultivated with love, gratitude fuelled with powerful intentions of health and abundance for all who share in it’s magic. We celebrate and honour cacao and all the healing and medicinal properties this superfood is known to provide.

Tribal Moon Cacao is grown using sustainable farming practices and part of every batch of our divine cacao goes back to supporting farmers, their families and replantation in Peru.

Our cacao proudly supports environmental organisations including Greenpeace, Tangaroa Blue who protect and clean our oceans and its shores, as well as cleaning and supporting the precious Murray Darling River system of Australia.

Tribal Moon Cacao was created through years of running ceremony around the world and deep diving with this ancient plant medicine and our mission has been to create the strongest, smoothest, tastiest, most fluid and potent Ceremonial Grade Cacao in the world, and this is exactly what we feel we have achieved.


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About Us

Return To Your Natural Way of Being

Cacao is known for being incredibly good for the teeth, skin, heart, mind, well being, focus and so much more.
It is a powerful aphrodisiac, full of iron and antioxidants. It has over 1200 active ingredients, all already found within the human body, although most of us are vastly depleted in many of these ingredients due to the westerns way of modern living.
Think of your daily dose of Tribal Moon Cacao as honouring your body with a reset to its natural way of being.

About Us Jay Hoad


Warrior of love and founder of Tribal Moon Cacao Jay Hoad is profoundly passionate about the medicine that is Tribal Moon Cacao. 

For the last 20 years internationally acclaimed musician, sound healer, ceremonialist, intimacy energetics coach Jay Hoad has toured the world, averaging 200 events a year, performing and presenting at the biggest music and spirituality festivals and gatherings in the world.

His fire, passion for life, music, love, travel, food and unique artistic creativity fueled the magic to create what has become the iconic “Tribal Moon Cacao”.

Here to Make a Difference

I am not here to be, I am here to inspire.

I have no enemies in this life time, I am here to support and hold a space of love, kindness and respect for all and everyone who’s paths I cross.

This Cacao medicine is an extension of this belief and has been a
powerful assistant in keeping my soul on path on the daily.

Deep Gratitude for you,
for the medicine that is Cacao and all the magic it brings.

Deep gratitude for this exact moment exactly as it is.

Aho – Jay Hoad – Founder or Tribal Moon Cacao

jayhoad Music
jayhoad Music
jayhoad Music
jayhoad Music
jayhoad Music

Fiji - America - Peru - Australia & Beyond

Whilst on the North American leg of the his 2010 world tour launching his second album, Jay took some down time to connect with the ocean and flew to Costa Rica. Out the back of the breakers at Salsa Brava surf break, Puerta Viejo, Jay met a passionate soul from Peru named Jonathon. Unknown to both of them at the time, the brotherhood that was formed in the ocean on this day would lead to creating Tribal Moon Cacao’s unique flavor, essence and worldwide reputation.

2011 – 2016
Creating The Magic Of Tribal Moon Cacao

Throughout this incredible time Jay was working closely with Jonathon, receiving various samples from the family in Peru, trying and sampling Cacao and beginning to fine tune the characteristics and slowly starting to develop the incredible flavour of Tribal Moon Cacao. 

Due the fact that Tribal Moon Cacao is simple Cold Pressed Cacao Beans fueled with love, intention, gratitude and positive frequency, these flavour and blend adjustments blend are simply made through variants in sunlight, temperature, air flow, climate, humidity, jungle density, and cacao beans from various parts of the villages land.

2017 – 2018 – Grassroots Stylin - Sharing the Love

The initial sharing of Tribal Moon Cacao samples began with an intensional “grass roots” method. Based on the old systems of sharing music on tape, you give a tape to someone with your original music on, and tell them to copy and share it with as many people as they know. 

Just like Jays passion for music and touring original music around the world, one show at a time, one audience at a time, the medicine was distributed worldwide by incredible humans just like you. And so on and so on. 200 shows and ceremonies per year and a total of 42 countries covered, Tribal Moon Cacao begun to get a reputation, and by the end of 2019, it had become an iconic name in the Cacao world that was highly sought after by ceremonialist, yogis, healers, chefs, entrepreneurs, and highly focused people all over the planet.

2020 – The Power of Now - Giving Back

Tribal Moon Cacao focuses it initiatives to fully supporting tribe, the planet and creating magic. The affiliates program was created in August 2020, and raised over $17,000 in it’s first 3 months. This money went straight back to our affiliates, assisting them in creating their new and high vibrational projects, courses, spaces and events.

Our affiliates range from Musicians, Artists, super Mums and Dads, Ceremonialists, Men and Women’s work facilitators, Energetic Healers, Tantrica’s, Yogis, Raw and Vegan Chefs, Sexologists, Conscious Clubbing and so many more. The program is fully focused on providing free cacao to Tribal Moon Cacao affiliates, as well as creating a means of financial support to gently support the creating and manifesting of their future endeavors and creative flow.  

Please see our affiliates page for a full list of our affiliates, their websites and their incredible magic. If you feel it please support them (and not us) and purchase our cacao through them and support them on their incredible missions, because that’s what this new paradigm of business is all about!

Tribal Moon Cacao focused on even more support to reforestation, self sustainability, protecting our oceans and so much more. For many years Tribal Moon Cacao has worked closely with Tangaroa Blue alongside musician like Jack Johnson in bringing so much man power and financial support to cleaning up our beaches and oceans world wide.

Tribal Moon Cacao created the Empowered Goddess Collective FB group, a platform to share the a divine sharing of Masculine and Feminine energy and play. A place where the most interesting of tabu and some not so tabu topics are discusses and supported, as well as being a platform that supports Women (and Men) in creating, promoting and sharing in all they are passionate about.

Tribal Moon Cacao endorsed events, ceremonies and individual’s worldwide and shared the medicine with as many people as possible, all the through word of mouth and hard work, and a massive love of chocolate!

The Tribal Moon Cacao Team has expanded from only Jay to a total of 12 high vibrational humans all inspired by the profound power, strength and flavour of this medicine.

The affiliates crew grew from 0 to over 200 in under 6 months, and of course, please just drop us an email to or click here to submit an expression of interest form to join our affiliates program.

2024 – The Future

Tribal Moon Cacao official launch parties and ceremonies planned and events worldwide. With Jay performing live on over 20 instruments at each and every event. Aiming to give over $250,000 to support our affiliates, creating a wave of positive & high vibrational activities having a profound impact on this planet in to many ways to explain.

2024 – To be continued

About Tribal moon Cacao
jayhoad Music
About Tribal moon Cacao
About Tribal moon Cacao
About Tribal moon Cacao
jayhoad Music
jayhoad Music
Tribal Moon Cacaco Shop

More than just a way of life...

For many, the journey with Tribal Moon Cacao starts as a random experience or a one-off purchase. For many it is a way of life, a powerful assistant in mental health, a must for energy and stamina, a clarity and focus enhancer and a daily practice morning, day and night.

Personally, we love a bit in our morning banana smoothies, and also for tuning in to the heart in the evening mixed with a little almond milk and honey or date syrup and cinnamon… yum! It is also amazing to assist in focus and dropping in to getting things done, and a powerful assistant in meditation. Anytime really…

Our Recommended Daily Doses In Grams

Morning & Day Time
Night Time
Ceremonial Dose

About Jay Hoad

Fijian born multi-award-winning musician and healer Jay Hoad is the creator of Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao, the Jay Hoad School of Songwriting, Music and Sound Healing.

He is also a professional photographer, business coach, energetics and intimacy coach with a huge passion for supporting environmental organisations, as well as assisting and inspiring humans in creating their dream life exactly as they wish it to be.

He has independently toured 42 countries with his unique show with over 20 instruments on stage averaging 2oo shows across 15 countries per year, performing and presenting at the biggest music festivals and conscious gatherings around the world as well as running his Sacred Cacao Sound Journeys (BEST EVENT AWARD WINNER FRINGE FESTIVAL 2019 & 2020).

His focus is set on raising the vibration on the daily…

Diploma in Contemporary Music
Diploma in Music Therapy
Degree in Jazz
Degree in Contemporary Music
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Tantra Practitioner – Studied with Eliyah Tantra School (AUS)
Essence of Life Tantra School (INDIA)

Martin Guitars USA
CK Guitars AUS
Didgeridoo Breath AUS
Chopsavers USA
DR Guitar Strings USA
Shiva Tattva Yoga School INDIA

Guitar, Bass, and Didgeridoo Teacher for:
Ibanez Guitars
B&B Music USA
Jay Hoad School of Music
Taught & Lectured At Schools and Universities Around The World
Self Employed Full Time Musician, 20 years, 42 Countries, averaging 200+ shows/year