The sacred space blessed by the gods: Cacao ceremony

The sacred space blessed by the gods: Cacao ceremony:

All of us are looking for that space:

It seems now, more than ever, we’re searching for that something, that zone, that certain place…

Trying to capture that feeling, yet deep inside us we know that’s not true since we all know too well that feelings are very much fleeting, and something that precious can’t be that temporary.

That said, we are not just talking of certain feelings here, it’s more of a state of being, a sacred space blessed by the gods, in the comforts of our home (wherever and whatever you consider home), through a cacao cup. I’m talking about a cacao ceremony.

You might’ve been a fan of for a while, and you may know by now how powerful Ceremonial Grade Cacao is, its healing, and medicinal benefits, maybe even how it is known for assisting in intimacy and deepening connection with self and one’s beloved.

But what if I tell you that it’s just the precursor? Kind of a starter pack?

Cacao ceremony
The sacred space blessed by the gods: Cacao ceremony

What are we missing out on in this day and age?

Long before the modern world discovered chocolate and how it puts an unmistakable smile on everybody’s faces, some tribes in South America and Mesoamerica were already lavishing themselves with the happiness that cacao brings, especially during their cacao ceremony.

Cultures like Maya, Olmecs, Izapan, Toltecs, Incas, and Aztecs use cacao to connect to their inner source of joy, peace, and love during these ceremonies.

Knowing what we know now about chocolate these days, it’s so easy to claim that it’s just variations of the same distinct taste with unique blends of bitter and sweet balance. But now more than ever we are learning how special Ceremonial Grade Cacao is, it’s power, and the reason why it is known as the Superfood of all Superfoods.

While drinking chocolate may just seem like a normal practice to some, oversimplifying it and looking at it that way reduces cacao to a mere drink or delectable product and that is fine if this is your truth.

However, it is so much more to us serious ceremonialists and cacao lovers, as the profound impact we witness this medicine having on people’s emotions, lives as well as it’s profound heart opening capacity, is simply nothing short of incredible.

Not just an emblem of significance, but an entry point to a sacred space.

In the olden times, and to some cultures up to now, cacao is considered a sacred drink available only on very momentous occasions. They only serve it on important birthdays, wedding proposals, weddings, and other esteemed events. More importantly, these cultures drink it not just merely for consumption, but instead, they drink it for a deeper connection done through a very sacred cacao ceremony. They do it not just for its luscious taste either, but for its powerful nature. To them, it’s not just a sign of prestige or an emblem of significance, but an entry point to a sacred space.

Cacao ceremony gathers and connects people, more importantly, it takes them back to their roots. That’s puts them in a sacred space where they can connect to the earth and its elements, to the ancestors that came before them, and to their bloodline that brought them where they are now. It places them in a sacred space where they can open up their hearts and widen their minds, enabling every person who consumes it to connect to the universe, its creator, and its heart. It gives an avenue for someone to tap into earth’s energy, enabling them to connect ever more deeply with their emotion and awareness.

ceremony puts someone in a sacred space of complete freedom The kind that enables a deeper sense of compassion and love. It empowers someone to fully embrace oneself and everything that surrounds him or her. It leads someone to ask questions, but at the same time grateful for the answers. Grateful for what that person has, grateful for what that person needs, and more importantly who that person has become.

For some, the ceremony could even lead to deeper healing. As it runs through a person’s veins, it inspires the person to be brave and confront the previous hurts, frustrations, addiction, and brokenness that he or she encountered. It gives that person a sense of where he or she is, at the same time the bravery to move forward.

How do we exactly do it?

Since cacao has a significant place in the traditions of the cultures mentioned above, traditional ceremony preparation starts from a particular process of harvesting its fruits to fermenting, roasting, grinding, mixing it with hot water up until it’s being served. There are 100’s of recipes for this on if you would like to learn more. What is certain throughout this process, is it is done with lots of mindfulness and intention. During the actual ceremony, we often have a sacred fire in the middle of the space. This fire represents the spirit of fire, the spirit of air, the spirit of the earth, and the spirit of water. While feeling the fire’s warmth, everyone drinks the cup of cacao with much intention to connect to their ancestors or deceased loved ones and gratefulness to where he or she is now. While the traditional ceremonies are done in a very specific manner, nowadays it comes in many forms. And believe it or not, chances are you will never see two ceremonies done exactly the same, that’s the exciting part, what it is evolving into now. If that stirs you, you might want to explore after reading this.

So You can have a cacao ceremony in groups, and you can also create one alone as part of your daily practice. You can have it guided by a shaman or you can have it with someone who has decided to create their first ceremonial offering and be lucky enough to witness and support them in this. You can have it to start your day or you can also have it while staring at the stars before you call it a day.

Just like how it is done, you can also prepare your ceremonial cacao to your liking. Making sure it melts and mixes with your hot (or maybe just even warm) water. But beyond that, everything else is according to what suits you. You can use dates, honey, cinnamon, or plant-based milk, a little bit of all I mentioned or you can have it entirely different. Alway giving gratitude to ancient spirits past present and future, spirit guides, and whatever feels relevant for you and your story. And if you do this by singing, or dancing, or just meditating, it’s all welcome in this space.

So what is it really?

With everything that I just said above, you’re probably already asking “so what is it really?” My friend, maybe the closest thing I can compare it with is when my boyfriend then and now my husband proposed to me. That sudden rush of elation, that sends you to a place of gratefulness, and joy where everything is beautiful. I don’t know if that helps capture what it is, but that’s it.

You might already have tasted cacao, or probably just heard of it. Or maybe you watched a video, or read a recipe, or a blog like this that talks about how awesome cacao is. I’m here to tell you that’s all true and so much more. So if you say chocolate tastes good, I say try ceremonial cacao and try its ceremony that takes you to a place that you’ve never been to. A sacred space that can only come from someone divine. But you have to be really there to actually get it. A piece of advice, try this entry point.

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