Let’s bring this discussion into the light!

So cacao can get you high? 

Okay, let’s answer this right off the bat. Yes, and no.

I can’t blame you if you’re not satisfied with that answer, so let’s delve into the details around the answer regarding if cacao can get you high or not. 😉 

It ultimately depends on what you mean about getting high.

It is dependent on your interpretation and visualization of what getting high means to you. 

To define the type of high you could obtain from the cacao, especially with a clean diet, it could potentially be compared to a similar feeling of that elevation kick that you may experience from that first cup of coffee in the morning. In a more raw and natural way that could prove to be beneficial for your health.

To conclude, although cacao will not get you to a hallucinogenic state, it has a strong potential to still the mind to aid towards productive thoughts.

Can cacao get you high

What’s up with this cacao?

Let’s start from its fruit itself. Some of you may already know that cacao is also called theobroma because of its divine property.

The history behind the name Theobroma goes back to 1753 where Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus declared its scientific name in his famous book Species Plantarum. The generic name is derived from the Greek which translates to “food of the gods”.

Cacao nibs contain flavonoids, the highest nootropic benefits that boost your cognitive function.

Ceremonial grade cacao, even in small dosage, contains a robust level of endorphins. This hormone elicits pleasure when we eat, finish working out, have intimate relations, or do any reward-producing activities. Cacao is also packed with tyrosine that triggers dopamine and tryptophan which produces serotonin. 

These are all happy hormones traveling your body across different glands in your bloodstream contributing to a good mood. Not only that, these neurotransmitters help combat mood swings, and keep away those stressful feelings.

It could potentially be used to combat depression in a natural way when you’re feeling low or even when your emotions are swinging high. Maybe the next time you’re feeling ungrounded see how consuming a cup of Tribal Moon Cacao is. Or maybe you are feeling the desire to bring some more magic into your kitchen, feel free to browse through the new recipes at

Let’s discuss more details

Raw cacao also contains a strong amount of phenylethylamine or PEA, also known as “chocolate amphetamine”. This neurotransmitter helps promote feelings of attraction, excitement, giddiness, and apprehension. A concrete example of how this thing works is during lovemaking, it stimulates the brain’s pleasure centers enough that it reaches peak levels during orgasm.

Now let’s bring flavonoid back into the conversation. This compound mixes with blood and accumulates in your brain, specifically the hippocampus – the area of your brain responsible for learning and retaining. Flavonoids then work to form new neurons while improving their functionality and protecting them from free radicals. This helps and protects cognitive functions. I emphasized flavonoids, mainly to say that cacao doesn’t just trigger you to peak levels but instead stimulates you to focus and retain that memory.

But how about our actual body? How about if you’re experiencing fatigue, can your body keep up with cacao stimulated cognition? The answer is 100% yes. For one, it’s because of magnesium. Magnesium dramatically boosts your energy levels by converting food to energy. It may also help generate protein, repair DNA and RNA, and has the potential to aid in muscle movement and relaxation.

Theobromine widens the blood vessels which in effect helps your blood flow. This means you can go longer in doing the things you want to do or finish. To add to all that, cacao also has a small dosage of caffeine. Though I know you’re very much familiar with this stimulant and associate it generally with coffee. Let me just emphasize, this chemical doesn’t just elicit heightened senses but also aids your memory, mood, and concentration.  All these benefits actually can be so much more intimate if channeled decorously, you can visit to learn more about what I’m talking about.

Can Cacao get you high

So just to be clear

As one of the blogs in mentioned, the closest thing the cacao experience resembles is the euphoria of being with your lover.

The effects and benefits of cacao depend on your diet, the healthier you are the more you feel its kick and its full-on benefits. The effects of cacao last between two to four hours, depending on the dosage, and its effect is usually felt at around twenty to thirty minutes after drinking. 🙂 

Take a moment and let all that sink in. For a cup of ceremonial grade cacao, you are not just getting a feel-good boost, but you are getting all that nutrients and benefits. You love chocolate for its taste that captivates you over and over again but I bet you now, you may find a new and raw profound love for chocolate.b So just to be clear, does cacao get you high? I think you may very well have to give it a go and let me know the effects of what you love most about Tribal Moon Cacao. 😉