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Beyond its usual reputation

Many, if not everyone who adores ceremonial grade cacao, loves to have it in the morning for a good reason. It gets you ready and keeps you on top of your game for the day. Unlike coffee, it doesn’t give you that burnout kind of come down, but more of an empowering, focused, and open-hearted clarity. 

So why is it so popular in the morning, and what exactly makes ceremonial grade cacao so powerful? It isn’t just the fact that “it energizes you”, but more on “how it energizes you”. Coffee mainly works on the receptors in our brain that gather adenosine, this is a compound that is responsible for increasing levels of sleepiness. What coffee does is allow caffeine to replace adenosine, effectively keeping your brain hyper-alert.

In contrast, the ceremonial grade cacao’s empowering effect comes from theobromine. This stimulant relaxes our blood vessels and can boost our blood circulation by 10% to 25%.  Although theobromine also blocks your adenosine, it does it to a lesser degree. The main thing that it accomplishes is to slightly increase your heart rate, and in turn, signal your brain to respond faster.

Cacao is known to help people focus and concentrate more, sometimes even giving them more clarity in a heart-centered kind of way. At the other end of the spectrum, it’s a fantastic tool to couple with meditation, or when closing your eyes, to slow down and focus on breath, presence, and peace. Ceremonial Grade Cacao is known as a powerful assistant in releasing the mind from the usual shackles of everyday distraction, and instead, may allow one to be more open, grateful, and fulfilled.

Cacao in the morning, or anytime really!

We here at Tribal Moon Cacao love having ceremonial grade cacao in our breakfast, it’s like it makes any breakfast just that little bit more amazing. To be honest, we here at Tribal Moon Cacao love the possibility of having Ceremonial Grade Cacao at any time really, and the possibilities are almost endless. 

 And whether you want to have some “me time” in the morning or spend it together with family, you can’t go wrong with adding cacao; taking a moment to share it with gratitude, and possibly allowing it to open your heart more deeply. The possibilities of having it on any occasion are almost endless. See for a huge array of cacao recipes and ideas.

Include the little ones

Now, hopefully, you may be a regular here at and and have may have already read some of our other blogs. We are super passionate about researching and sharing the latest and most in-depth information about ceremonial grade cacao.

Maybe you have also experienced how powerful ceremonial grade cacao is. You may also have your own profound stories of how it may have affected your life, or someone in your family’s life in a positive way, maybe even the children in your family. One of the stories we hear most is how Ceremonial Grade Cacao is appreciated so much by the little ones and often used to assist in more conscious parenting.

In an interview with a close associate of our founder Jay Hoad, co-founder and producer at Holistic Health, and a very inspiring mom herself, Chantelle Vickers, quoted that “we follow along with that conscious parenting and we sort of let our children know the importance of these things, the importance of these practices each day.” She talked about how she is guiding her child now that the kid is transitioning to being a toddler.

Having and enjoying breakfast together is one avenue to show openness, caring, and sharing. A time with each other that doesn’t just relieve you of stress but gives you an avenue to express gratitude and fulfillment because you have each other… even with all your different dilemmas.

Most importantly

Theobroma cacao or food of the gods got its name for a good reason. Over the years thousands and thousands have confessed their powerful, life-changing experience of ceremonial grade cacao. That is why, even in the different stages of life, people always seek a special sacred moment with theobroma cacao.

Different people from different walks of life continue to gather themselves up just before starting to live life with all its realities again in the morning. Or maybe just a cup to properly end their day. And continuing to experience, by sipping a cup every day is as important as anything else, as it keeps your femininity and masculinity, your yin and yang, your light and darkness balanced and well channeled. As we go deeper into 2022 and have it with them, maybe this year is the best time to have it more often with them. Because hey… they only deserve the finest.