How do I keep my vibration high around low vibrational people?

“Do you have a feeling like sometimes everything is pulling you down? Does it feel like people around us can influence our energy and potentially dampen our spirits?”

So how do you keep your high vibrational level when you are surrounded by low vibrational people? For me, consciously choosing not to let others manipulate and control my energy. I do this by choosing to no longer give my power away to others. Not letting them have that control over me is key to protecting my energy. 😊

Combining this, along with a deep sense of self-accountability and the fact that it is me who gets to choose how I am in each and every moment. Through this, my energy feels impenetrable. This is how I can consistently hold space for so many days. 🧘🏽‍♂️🧘‍♀️

Here are a few of my tools that have taken years to develop: 😀

1. I am there for everyone, and I genuinely believe that every interaction teaches me something that I need to learn at that moment.

One of the joys of being alive is constantly learning from every interaction. Some interactions keep us exhilarated, while others seem to rub us the wrong way and make us feel upset or depressed. While the instant reaction is maybe to back off and avoid these people who upset us, why not take time to pause and ponder? We can use every interaction to educate and guide future interactions. What did your friend do that really upset you? What was their random gesture that made you uncomfortable? Each interaction has the power to shape or damage our connection with the people around us. Removing yourself from possible interactions means missing out on incredible learning opportunities and deepening your relationships. 🦋🦋🦋

Each interaction has the power to shape or damage our connection with the people around us. Removing yourself from possible interactions means missing out on incredible learning opportunities and deepening your relationships. 🦋🦋🦋

2. I am not biased toward the "standard" of the person "I require" to be around. However, I generally consciously choose to be around at least a percentage of people at a certain vibration as it eventually begins to wear me down.

Unconscious prejudices toward people can affect our relationships. We may have preferences for certain people, but knowing people beyond our preferences can be rewarding. We may have biases that can affect how we view the world and treat people. By being conscious of these biases, we can engage with different people positively. Practicing mindful thinking, meditating over a cup of Tribal Moon Ceremonial Cacao, and treating each individual with respect allows us to pause, acknowledge, and proactively address our biases. ☕☕☕

A great example is when I hang around with someone who inspires me and vibes so high, and compared to someone who feels down and highly depressed, the reflections I get from interactions with these people are incredible. I always come out with joy and gratitude for this experience. Have you tried diving into situations that you think will weigh you down only to end up the opposite? Seeing things from a different perspective may improve your interactions. These people may be what you need at that moment to move forward. 🍃

3. Consciously choosing not to let others manipulate and control my energy.

We are all susceptible to manipulation. However, some people are easily more manipulated than others. Have you been in a situation where you feel blindsided by your relationships and interaction with people? Sometimes, it feels nice to take your time to be aware and notice how you are feeling. Despite its power, energy is neutral, and how we direct it matters. Whenever I feel that I am manipulated, my energy feels blocked, and my mood changes.

Acknowledging manipulation in your relationship can be challenging, but what if you consider having an honest conversation with these people to address it? When you do, try to be specific in describing how you feel you are manipulated and how their behaviour affects you. Setting boundaries has helped my relationships and interactions, especially when I feel emotionally manipulated.

4. Self-accountability refers to the fact that it is me who gets to choose how I represent myself in each and every moment.

I hold that accountability that I can choose how I want to present myself. We are the only species on this planet that can entirely choose how we present ourselves -from our voice, posture, speed, tone, presence, and so much more.

Do you check in with how you present yourself? Are you presenting with an aligned purpose and focus? Being your authentic self and keeping yourself accountable is a potent combination that raises your vibration and protects your energy around low vibrational people.

5. Attentively listening to the energy beneath the words rather than the actual words being said.

Words can be triggering and I sometimes find myself getting caught up with what is said easily. The superpower of listening to the energy beneath the words allows me to deepen my interaction with people. Taking time to understand what’s really being said and shared has helped me nurture my interaction and connections with people. 💖💗💓

Often, the stories may have nothing to do with what our friends are trying to convey. When I take all the words away and tune in to the energy beneath the words and the vibration and frequency of what is being shared, I immediately feel a sense of lightness. This is a serious game changer! I am focusing on the energy instead of the words. Holding space for words is still needed but paying attention to energy is essential.

Next time you have conversations with people, try to tune in with what they really want to share with you. It’s taken me years to develop (and continues to do so) to tune in the energy beneath the words. Reading books help me to avoid not getting too caught up with stories and allows me to focus on the energy instead. 🌟💫

6. Often, saying nothing at all but simply witnessing with entire presence, sometimes.

Sometimes, it’s nice to observe things unfold before your eyes. Feeling your vibration getting low isn’t always a bad thing. It can be a learning moment that allows you to deepen your relationship, connection, and interaction with people. Tuning out the world’s noise and focusing on your energy also helps protect your vibration. Drinking Blue Lotus Tea while journaling, doing a cacao ceremony, practicing yoga, going outdoors, etc., gives mental clarity, offers mindfulness, and allows you to be present in each moment. ✨💖

The bottom line

Protecting your energy around people with low vibration may sound daunting or challenging. Taking the time to understand where they are coming from, setting boundaries, knowing that you have the power to present yourself, and not being fully aware of the present moment allows you to keep your vibration high. 💫🌞

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