LifeFX:How water should be

I’m sure you heard…

We often take for granted precious water. Yet literally the one thing that we should probably be giving the most gratitude and conscious awareness to. Coupled with food and air, our water is crucial in keeping us alive. As well as keeping our mind, body, and soul thriving, nourished, and flourishing. Introducing to you LifeFX: How water should be.

These days, we all have additives, chlorine, pesticides and so much more now flowing into our water sources. It’s no wonder that Life FX water is now becoming the next big thing in detoxing our water efficiently before it enters our bodies. 

Now, why is it so important…

Hydration is crucial for a thriving body, healthy mind, and overall well-being. Our immune system is boosted and our brain is at its optimum when we are hydrated. Furthermore, our skin becomes significantly clearer, toxins eliminated, and it’s not long before we look younger.

Water carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells. It is then assimilated, absorbed, and transported throughout our body effectively. Consequently, our mood is elevated, and have more energy to do the things we love.

As you have all heard time and time again, our bodies are suggested to be 99% molecularly water. Therefore, it is not only essential to know if it is sufficiently hydrating. We must also be aware of its quality.

Naturopath Sahara Valastro says “The first thing I ensure my clients are doing is drinking plenty of clean, pure, and high-frequency water. It’s amazing how so many of their health issues improve just by making this simple but potent change.”

She continued, “I want to highlight here, not just any type of water is healthy and ultra-hydrating. It simply is not enough to drink any type of it to increase hydration and overall wellness. Many of us have been taught that if we drink enough water, especially filtered or alkaline, we are hydrating sufficiently; but that’s not true. We have been educated to think the more water the better, however, there is so much more to water. The molecular structure and frequency of water matter.” 

Tap water vs filtered water etc…

I don’t have to tell you just how unhealthy tap water often is. Sometimes you can taste the toxins, and honestly,  for me, sometimes it’s quite shocking to my senses, literally a jolt to my system. 

We also have filtered water,  a way better option as most filtration systems eliminate part of the toxic contaminants, etc. Unfortunately, toxins that are smaller than the molecular structure of water, like pesticides,  will just pass right through our filtration systems. It stays in the water and is then absorbed straight into the body upon consumption. Even some of the best filtration systems may not bring out their purest form. It is not necessarily hydrating water, and it is often referred to in the spiritual/health and wellbeing community as dead water. 

And this is where LifeFX comes in. This is the “big thing” for health-conscious yogis, athletes, health and wellbeing communities, naturopaths, parents, kids, and more. LifeFX is known for turning your pure but dead water into living water. A life force energy of its very own, you can taste it, you can feel it and you can see it in the way that the toxins fall to the bottom of your glass in a very short amount of time.

LifeFX:How water should be

It is a living water

LifeFX Living Water Droplets have primordial properties. These minerals start by killing pathogens and simultaneously initiate a process of coagulation-flocculation to neutralize or reduce over 200 invisible toxins. This process effectively restructures the molecules, making them “living water”.

Our cells use the hydrogen molecules in water to make ATP or Adenosine triphosphate, a principal molecule for storing and transferring energy in cells. This molecule captures chemical energy obtained from the breakdown of food molecules, then releases it to fuel other cellular processes. Most water contains zero life force, which means it doesn’t help that much in hydrating and generating energy.

This is where LifeFX separates every water it touches. It optimizes its hydrating power, and in effect, it also optimizes our energy. LifeFX restructures it by grouping water molecules together in a formation that allows for intracellular penetration at a much, much higher rate than filtered water alone. Unless the water is H3O2, that is extra hydrogen and oxygen, it’s only able to hydrate intracellularly to a very little degree.

We are water.

As the LifeFX Living Water founder and water custodian, Zhara Mahlstedt puts it “We are 99% molecularly water. Do you get it? We are water.” I think the more profound we take that to heart, the more we realize our need for better water.

I think we can all agree that we have something undeniably better in our generation, and much more important; a healthier one, through LifeFX. 

This partnership between Tribal Moon Cacao and LifeFX is grounded in a deep friendship focused on the same goal. Giving what is best to the people, creating new paradigms of business through sharing opportunities in abundance, health, and wellbeing, and supporting individuals and communities all over the world. Our affiliate programs bring 1000’s of dollars to individuals and communities every month in over 40 countries, not to mention much better health and quality of life. 

The combination of Tribal Moon Cacao served with Life FX is nothing short of magical and extremely potent. Once you start using this blend there is no going back, you can taste it, you can see it and you can feel it. It’s simply a match made in heaven. Pure ceremonial grade cacao with what completely optimizes and up levels your water… yes, please!

It seems that the best time to live a fuller, healthier, and more abundant life is right now, so why wait any longer?  This is possibly the best gift you can give to yourself and your family, get it both now in one place at or go to, for more information.