Well not really.

Honestly, after writing the title I realized I’m not quite sure if I can honestly state that I stop at one cup. You see, there are days where cacao is my saving grace to start my day. There are also days when my taste buds and my senses are simply yearning for it. Nonetheless, even in those different set of days and different kind of ways we consume it, there are many everyday uses of cacao.

For some, they might just drink or eat cacao in various mouthwatering forms, when they’re craving a hearty dose of chocolate. While there’s a growing number of us, who maintain a healthy diet of cacao for reasons I’m about to get into shortly. Besides, you can have as much as you want. At least can make sure you don’t run out of supply.

So what’s with the love?

I don’t know about you, but as far as I know, everyone I know and love loves chocolate. For one simple reason, it makes your taste buds melt into a consumption-induced nirvana.

More importantly, and this reason comes with a smorgasbord of details. Cacao’s everyday use and benefits are almost endless. This is much of the reason why everyone from health professionals, up-and-coming CEOs, business entrepreneurs, yogis, fitness freaks, and everyday parents working on a healthier diet for themselves and their families are now choosing cacao as a natural alternative due to its incredible superfood benefits.

Something that wakes you and keeps you up.

That sounded like I was talking about coffee, to be clear I’m not. I’m about to share why it is a lot better. Although the difference is so subtle, you barely notice it. The everyday use and benefits of cacao are a game-changer.

As we all know coffee is supercharged with caffeine, though cacao also has the same chemical, its main stimulant is theobromine. I mentioned that there’s only a slight distinction between the two, but the moment you notice it you’ll realize that coffee mainly heightens your alertness, while cacao keeps you focused.

As a nervous system stimulant, caffeine’s basic agenda is to block adenosine. This is our body’s neurotransmitter that relaxes the brain then eventually makes us tired. Cacao, on the other hand, is a cardiac stimulant that focuses on relaxing our blood vessels, effectively boosting blood circulation 30-40% better. Although to a degree theobromine also blocks the adenosine, its main function is to increase heart rate signaling the brain to respond faster.

This contrast is noteworthy, especially when you consider that these different kinds of approaches in the body have different effects. If you have been drinking coffee, you probably notice that after a few minutes there is a significant drop in alertness. In contrast, when drinking cacao you will notice that your concentration tends to last significantly longer. I’m talking an hour or two longer, depending on the dosage and the diet of the drinker.

Not to lambast coffee entirely, but its peak and sudden dip may give way to anxiety. Cacao on the other hand with its theobromine, along with magnesium, flavonoids, and anandamide among other minerals helps you wake up and stay up.

Especially on your bad days…

Let’s delve a little deeper into how cacao might be very helpful to you on a daily basis, more than just waking you up.

Getting out of your bed is one, but facing your daily nightmares is something else. I’m talking about deliverables and deadlines we have to meet. Bosses and officemates, or clients. On days like these, you might want to consult our recipes in and/or get some feel-good tips from

Let’s start with magnesium. Magnesium deficiency, as traced by experts, is the usual suspect for lack of energy days. I’m talking about the kind of days when you just feel down even if you had a good night’s rest, or even if you didn’t have anything stressful at hand.

The good thing is cacao has the highest natural source of magnesium. And, other than just fighting low energy, magnesium does so much more. Magnesium is significant in all brain functions, especially in memory and concentration. As significant in your nervous system, it is just almost as significant in your cardiac system. Magnesium relaxes the blood vessels and effectively decreases strain.

Let’s talk about happiness…

By now you probably realize that cacao is your best choice in keeping you up, and also keeping you at your optimum level while you’re up. However, life is not mainly about productivity, it is also, or should I say it is more so about fulfillment.

I’m talking about the words like joy, peace, tranquility, connection, and fulfillment. You see, cacao contains anandamides, or famously known as “bliss molecule”. Its main function is it binds cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body, stimulating a sense of happiness, peace, and mental wellness. This cannabinoid also enhances your serotonin level effectively helping you fight those mood swings.

Cacao also has a strong amount of flavonoids. Together with magnesium, this class of polyphenolic secondary metabolites helps improve your blood flow. This improvement in your blood circulation, especially in the region of the brain where learning and memory happens, or the hippocampus, dramatically helps your focus, and as important your attention span. As flavonoids pile up in the hippocampus, they successfully form new neurons while shielding them from free radicals, increasing your overall cognitive productivity.

Just a side note, that could fancy you with flavonoid. Its effective way of increasing your body’s blood flow is significant even to the epidermis. Let me explain, better blood circulation helps in cell regeneration, which leads to glowing skin. And since we’re talking about happiness, along with getting that glow, cacao also has the same polyphenol antioxidants as green tea. This helps you fight skin aging, helping you keep that young-looking skin.

Just a little more of Cacao’s everyday uses…

Since I already mentioned how it helps you with your skin, I realize I better touch on some of its health benefits as well, and just add a little more to your growing interest in cacao.

Cacao’s theobromine, in recent years, has been considered by some experts to work even better than fluoride at fighting cavities and preventing tooth decay. The antibacterial agents this compound has, fight against plaque, while improving tooth enamel, and effectively reducing the chances of tooth decay.

Let us delve deeper into theobromine’s benefits. Experts in recent years found out that it works on the vagus nerve, the nerve responsible every time you cough. And what’s even worth noting about this discovery is that cacao works better than codeine in fighting coughing fits. 

It also helps fight Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Since I already mentioned magnesium, it won’t hurt if I market it even more. You see ladies and gentlemen, especially ladies, experts found out that magnesium can help reduce water retention, abdominal cramps, and just to emphasize the fatigue that comes with it.

Along with this, cacao also has a healthy amount of fiber. Fiber together with magnesium significantly helps your digestion and effectively combats constipation. This is also noteworthy, considering that healthy digestion is a big part of our immune function and hormone levels. To just go to the details, healthy fat combined with the right fiber, can hugely improve your digestive system, by feeding the living flora within your intestine.

There’s so much more in that cup…

My friend, life is tough. That’s one of the most obvious things in this God’s green earth, as long as you live long enough. But what is less known is you are tougher than you thought. More creative, much powerful, and much more resilient than what is obvious. And more importantly, much tougher than anything life throws at you. Let cacao aid in reminding you of that, one cup at a time.