‘Superfood’, I am sure most of you have heard the term before…

You may have googled the word “superfoods”, or maybe you were drawn to this article because you heard that dark leafy greens, carrots, and salmon, and some other foods give you more nutrition and health benefits than others. Hang in a little longer and discover this superfood for your super kids.

Before we talk about our cacao superfood tricks, recipes, etc that are absolutely incredible and tasty treats for your kids, it’s important to note that the term “superfoods” is more of a marketing strategy than an actual magical food that contains all the nutrients you need, or in this case, your kid’s need. Superfood is a term that merely means, it offers more nutrition and health benefits compared to other foods. 

I had to emphasize that because though this group of food offers a lot of health benefits, there’s no one particular food that has everything you need to keep a healthy diet. Therefore, bearing this in mind, cacao or any other superfood should be added with healthy options across different food groups. Check out some articles at and for inspiration on how to incorporate this superfood known as cacao into multiple recipes that everyone will enjoy consuming.

On a side note:

It’s important to note that we are not talking about typically processed chocolates here, but raw cacao. Yes, they are different. How about cocoa? Nope, still not raw cacao, check out our other Tribal Moon blogs or cacao online courses for all the info on this.

So just to briefly clear things up, cacao undergoes a different process that preserves all its health benefits. It never goes beyond 87°C, while all other chocolates are processed way beyond that heat, effectively stripping off important nutrients. To avoid the confusion of figuring out whether it is raw or not, feel free to click on over to You will be able to purchase Ceremonial Grade Cacao is 100% Pure Peruvian Ceremonial Grades Chocolate Cacao. This cacao is organic and ethically sourced, nothing added, never chemically or temperature altered… very powerful. Single serving bags are also available so you can “try before you buy” at a very reduced rate.

10 ways that Cacao may positively impact your children’s health:

  1. Improves their mood. Let’s start with something that might save your day. The kind of day where you might just want to send yourself to the naughty corner to have a brief time out and a moment of silence. Cacao contains anandamide that dramatically boosts serotonin. Serotonin or happy hormones make your super kid feel good and stabilizes their mood. So the next time horror vibes come creeping around and your child starts that tantrum, try giving them a cup of cacao.
  2. A kick of energy. On top of keeping kids under control, one of the real challenges of having a child is getting them ready for the day. Cacao naturally contains an abundance of magnesium that helps fight fatigue. So yes, apparently this chocolate doesn’t just relax your child, but it also readies your super kid for the day.
  3. Pack of magnesium. Magnesium is the doorkeeper for the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, which are found on your nerve cells and help brain development, memory, and learning. Fighting fatigue is a much visible benefit of magnesium, however, though this is a subtler benefit, overall cognitive vigor is almost more important for your child.
  4. Help your kid fall asleep. Additional good news, this superfood for your super kid doesn’t just help them prepare for the day, it also helps them get a good night’s rest. Though it must be carefully served in the right dosage, and at the right time, cacao contains tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that gets you to bed and makes you stay longer in bed for a good night’s rest. It takes between one to two hours before this amino acid reaches your brain and triggers you to fall asleep.

Super protected against, usual nemesis…

  1. Dental health. So you thought all chocolates and sweets are evil for your child’s teeth, not until now. This superfood for your super kids contains theobromine, this is a compound that’s recently found out by experts to be more effective in protecting teeth from cavities than fluoride. Theobromine’s antibacterial agents fight against plaque, while improving tooth enamel, and effectively reducing the chances of tooth decay.
  2. Works against cough. Theobromine’s magic doesn’t end there, as it also helps with persistent coughs. It acts on the vagus nerve, the nerve responsible every time you cough. Some experts found out in recent years that cacao works better than codeine in fighting coughing fits. So the next time you or your kid just can’t stop coughing, this superfood for your super kid might just actually be the thing their throat needs.
  3. Prevents obesity. Child obesity all over the world has been skyrocketing in recent years. This is because of high sugar consumption from different kinds of foods, most especially chocolates. Cacao is different, it has low sugar content and reduces the feeling of cravings, and sustains that feeling of being full. This may help your kid from consuming too much, and more importantly, keeps them from that pit of obesity that may lead to many complications.
  4. Protection from sunburn. An actively healthy lifestyle includes children playing out under the sun and getting some fresh air. Cacao contains a healthy amount of flavonoids, a compound that significantly helps in protecting the skin from UV rays while keeping it hydrated. 
Supercharge them with this superfood for your super kids…
  1. Robust source of calcium. How robust? It has more calcium than cow’s milk. Calcium is important for the bones and lack of it makes our bones brittle. Its significance is all the more important to children, as it is crucial for their growth. It might not be that serious of an issue for most kids but if your child is lactose intolerant or just can’t stand the taste of milk, then raw cacao might be the option for you.
  2. A plethora of iron. How often do you force them to eat spinach or dark green leafy vegetables? Well, you don’t have to, cacao is your best alternative here.  


As a parent, you want nothing less than the best for the little resident in your house. In reality, most children won’t be found begging their careers for dark greens. However, they will generally be found asking for chocolate milk or sweets associated with chocolate. Cacao, the superfood for your super kids, might just become your new best friend in these situations.

The advice I would give and something that I am sure every parent is well aware of is that children grow up so fast. It’s okay to slow down and enjoy a cup of chocolate with them. With the added peace of mind that it will be a healthier alternative. It creates the perfect bonding moment.