Why can’t we stop talking about the cacao ceremony?

Because these powerful experiences are often life-changing for so many…cacao ceremony is simply awesome!

Be it that you are an experienced ceremonialist who has studied shamanism all over the world; or someone who is stepping into running your very first ceremony with little or no experience; do not underestimate the profound power that your ceremonial sharing may have on others in a positive and possibly a life-changing way. 

In this article, we will talk about a few different possibilities for running cacao ceremonies. There are so many ways to do this these days. Thus, we invite you to keep an open mind without judgment. Just simply feel into what’s right for you and your tribe when creating your very own cacao ceremony. The possibilities are endless on how this is done these days.

It all starts in the warm-up feel

For Jay Hoad of Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao, the preparation for the cacao ceremony and intention setting start a few days before the actual event. Dropping into the energy of all who may be coming and beginning to bless the cacao. It also includes giving deep gratitude for the opportunity to share in the magic of music. Including ceremony, knowledge sharing, dance, and the ancient plant medicine that is ceremonial cacao. 

This process is done with deep authenticity, heartfelt integrity, and care. Coupled with a deep awareness that this ceremony could possibly set off a completely new trajectory in the lives of some or all who attend.

As we prepare the plant medicine, we focus on creating a space expansive with mystery. Often using palo santo, sage, various instruments, feathers, and native flora and fauna to prepare the space. Some of these powerful tools may have a cleansing effect on the venue, effectively preparing it for the cacao ceremony. We have consistently found that palo santo and sage help keep restricting energies of negativity away. Furthermore, helps welcome empowering vibes of positivity.

The intention should possibly be directed to the standpoint of letting go of things that no longer serve, regardless of where the participants are coming from. Moreover, creating your dreams into reality, manifesting new possibilities, and divinely aligned abundance. Cacao, sage, and palo santo are associated with having relaxing and heart-opening qualities. It may also assist in people attuning and becoming more confident with connecting with sources of energy. All these ceremonial tools are also available through our website

First of all…

Before we talk about the actual cacao ceremony, my invitation to you is… 

Don’t let yourself get in the way. Feeling me??

As Jay from Tribal Moon Cacao put it, “It’s not about you, it’s actually about how much you can give, and never underestimate the power your ceremony can have on others. It’s funny because sometimes I can finish a ceremony in which I was not 100% happy for whatever reasons my ego and mind have created. It always seems to be on those nights that everyone comes up afterward and says, that was incredible! So many profound things just happened during your ceremony that will change my life forever!! Thank you!!!”

And what Jay is saying is, it is often your own ego, dilemmas, worries, and hesitations that may prevent you from doing your very own ceremonies and events. 

Well, today we are here to tell you, you can do it! Your deep-seated “what ifs” and “buts” may actually be holding you back from going all in. It may hinder creating so much magic to help other people on a more authentic and fulfilling journey in this lifetime in ways you can’t even imagine. We believe in you, but most of all, we believe that you can truly believe in yourself.

For more info and inspiration on this, see Jay Hoad speaking about the running ceremony and preparing cacao by downloading the free 10 part ceremonial grade cacao course at and  

Some things to keep in mind for the ceremony.

The number one rule in doing a cacao ceremony is not to have rules at all.

Spontaneity, with a clear intent of tapping into the source energy and being as authentic and in integrity to the best of your ability, is what we invite you to represent. The most important thing is to trust that you are a channel for all that is needed to flow through you for the benefit of others. Consequently, to be in full service to the beautiful people who attend your ceremony,

This is is where music, lighting, smells (incense), etc come to play. The Tribal Moon approach to music is that music and sound healing has a dramatic effect on magnifying whatever is going on during the ceremony. It often assists to move energy and bring to the surface all that is needed. Then to possibly assist more deeply in one’s healing/releasing or manifesting journey.

Music in Jay’s ceremonies often matches with various moments of the journey to help its flow while deepening possibilities. For instance, the ceremony’s slow movements are matched with deep and soulful, and often spacious melodies. While stronger, aggressive movements are combined with passionate and rhythmic sounds such as shamanic drumming, shiva-based rhythms, etc. Check out Jay’s website for sound healing courses available if you are interested in learning in-depth about sound healing and etc.

During the “breathe in” moment, a sound is generated to compliment the inhalation. Likewise, a “breathe out” moment is aligned with something to compliment the exhalation. This enhances the transformational and healing potential of a breathwork session as it assists participants to go deeper into the journey.

More energy with the music..

And it’s not solely just music, it’s also about its tension and release. Some notes generate robust tension, while some give way for more release. The ebbs and flows exude a profound gateway for integration and resolution of trauma, pain, and conflict.

Intervals also add an important swaying power over the emotional body of the participants. For example, the difference between a C and an E or a 1st and a major 3rd has the power to stimulate happy and euphoric feelings during the ceremony. While a minor 3rd against the root note of the corresponding key creates emotions of sadness. Being that all keys relate to different chakras, emotions, astrology, body parts, etc. This is powerful knowledge to really get to know rather than just playing some music. Jay has devoted much of his life to studying this powerful music medicine and always creates unique and spontaneous music at his award-winning Conscious Soul Dance and Sacred Cacao Sound Journey experiences with over 20 instruments on stage. 

A wide range of emotions and a plethora of sensation is created through music. Tension, fear, anger, laughter, orgasmic bliss, power, happiness, and deep gratitude are all very common and very welcomed feelings. These are often emphatically sensed during a cacao ceremony through music.

A little extra.

Along with music, an important consideration should be keeping the mystery of the journey. This is done by not revealing too much and not being overly specific in guiding the participants. Maybe you can do away from focusing on what should and should not, and instead attune to the possibilities.

Of course along with that.

With all that said, If you’ve already attended several cacao ceremonies, chances are you have never been to the same ceremony twice. The thing is there’s an unlimited way of doing a cacao ceremony. One thing that is constant though is you of course have to have ceremonial grade cacao.

Ceremonial grade cacao’s powerful substance helps everyone in the ceremony by setting the tone for a tranquil and intimate experience with its “bliss molecule” or better known as anandamide. As you probably know by now, his neurotransmitter binds cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body, stimulating a surreal sense of happiness, and peace. Along with that intimate experience, anandamide boosts your serotonin level, helping you stay in that state.

To complement anandamide is cacao’s high amount of flavonoids. This powerful substance helps improve your blood flow, especially in the hippocampus. This improved bloodstream dramatically helps the participants focus. Consequently, helping them delve deeper into the things and aspects they want to zero in during the journey.

These are very important details considering that the entire journey during the ceremony is filled with waves and waves of emotion. Some might dance ecstatically, scream and cry, while others lie down and keep silent. But regardless of all the ups and downs during the journey, ceremonial cacao’s magic keeps them feeling safe and trusting while tapping into the source of energy.

Cacao ceremony melting pot of all that is good

These ceremonies often provide a deep connection to directly accessing something that can change someone’s life in a very positive way forever. We have seen it too many times to not speak of this. An experience so beautiful and so profound that it could possibly empower us to look at ourselves more authentically and set us up for a whole new mission in this lifetime. 

This experience can often be so intimate, lucid, and unique. It is almost impossible to share in words, and of course completely supported by the alchemic balance of all that may be presented during a cacao ceremony. It’s almost like the perfect melting pot…

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