Cacao Mugs made just for you, made of Australia 

Tribal Moon Cacao has just announced some very exciting new products. This stems from collaborations with some innovative and very unique up-and-coming Australian projects. Be amazed by these ceramics that make your cacao more special. 

Now I think we can all agree that sipping on a cup of Tribal Moon Cacao is nothing short of a  heavenly experience, but sipping on a warm cup of Tribal Moon Cacao through your very own silky smooth finish custom mug, uniquely infused with Australian flora and fauna including gum leaves, snakeskins, feathers, leaves, flowers and more, is nothing short of decadent! 

Let me introduce you to some stuff that might just intensify your love for cacao to the next level. Say hello to tribal moon cacao‘s collaboration with Made of Australia, bringing you our brand new Handmade cacao mug – detached handle, Cacao”kurinuki chawan” mug – Japanese style – handmade, Cacao lowball mug, and Ceremonial incense burner. 

The details will win you over

Though these delicately created beauties come in very similar shapes and sizes, it’s important to note that each one of them is unique, and they widely vary in appeal and meticulous aesthetics. From capricious dark shades, to pale and fuzzy, and even those dark and light high contrasting markings, to subtle shades of gray. Needless to say, no two cups look entirely the same.

The beautiful photos and images give you just a glimpse of the unique detail and beauty of these handcrafted drinking vessels. Add to that the fact that every inch of these products is covered with Australia’s flora and fauna during the firing process, and you have in your hand a special kind of mug.

Now that’s on the surface level, let’s delve deeper and look at the details of the ceramics that make your cacao more special.

Let me introduce you to each one

Handmade cacao mug – detached handle. Though a bit eccentric, this mug is far more functional than it looks. Its strong frame allows it to handle almost everything you put in your cup on daily basis. From cacao, coffee, tea to even snacks you want to have in a mug, this stoneware can handle it all. It is 10-11cm in diameter and 7-8cm tall, so you can stack it up. And once you get your hands on it, you’ll be impressed with the clever design that gets the handle to stay cool.

Cacao”kurinuki chawan” mug – Japanese style – handmade. Inspired of course from the “land of the rising sun”. The Japanese word Kurinuki means ‘carving out’. It is hand-formed from a block of clay that is then carved to make a void that holds the contents, instead of the walls being wheel thrown or slab built. This process forms a raw look and a unique primitive style of pottery. The word ‘chawan’ translates to ‘tea bowl’. It essentially got its roots from the Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies.

This piece of ceramic is more wide than tall. It’s around 8-9cm in diameter and 6-7cm high, and distinctly enough, its weighty bottom gives heavy importance when you have it in your hands.

I can’t help but be biased

I’m sorry I can’t help but give you my personal favorite.

Cacao lowball mug. This is something that I want to highlight because of its intricacies. Though sporadically carved and a bit oval, this piece of ceramic artistry will make a masterpiece out of your bar cabinet. While lowballs are traditionally made for sipping spirits, usually ‘on the rocks’, and normally used for serving cocktails, this mug fits perfectly with your ceremonial grade cacao.

This beautifully handmade ceramic is put through a very specific kiln process where it is slowly heated for almost a week. Like the previous mugs, it is forged with Australian flora and fauna including gum leaves, nuts, and wattles, snakeskins, feathers, etc. giving each piece unique characteristics, coloring, and feel. Compared to your typical lowball glass, this mug takes on various oils, colors, and unique characteristics of the hand-collected wild native Australian ecosystem.

At 7.5cm high and 7-8cm in diameter. This beauty right here might just be the perfect avenue for your lips and your cacao’s love affair.

Oh before I forgot…

We already talked and looked closely at some beautiful mugs. However, since this is about the ceramics that make your cacao more special, let me just include in the conversation the Ceremonial incense burner. This incense burner covers everything you need for all your incense needs.

Like a cradle, the dipped front edge will hold your Palo Santo Sticks and can easily balance over burning hot charcoal, allowing your Palo Santo to burn for as long as you like without constantly having to relight the Palo Santo itself. 

There are three holes designed in such a way that can hold any size of incense sticks available in the market. The three size holes can hold the stick, even if it is fat or thin, at any desirable angle you want firmly planted on the sand in the bowl’s bottom. As you may imagine, its bottom also catches the falling hot ashes.

Moreover, the sand-filled bowl holds the charcoal discs effectively helping you burn your resin incense, dried herbs, powdered incense, or incense cones with ease & safety. The dip at the front also allows a gentle flow of air going to the center of the bowl to keep the incense & charcoal burning well & evenly. The sand helps to absorb the heat from the disc & catches all the ash that remains after burning.

All that to just say, this is the only thing you need for all your incense needs.

The touch won’t let you go

Overall, these mugs fit and captivate every size and kind of hand. More importantly, its exquisiteness is enough to make you slow down, hand-collected, and enjoy every sip. The moment you touch it, these mugs just won’t let you go.

“I love the way they feel. They feel super soft, like really smooth. And they’re so nice to hold… you don’t want to put them down.” This was and’s very own Jay Hoad, fascinating about these pieces of stoneware.

Practically speaking, these mugs are a bit pricey than your typical glassware. But ultimately, once you and your friends try them, they can’t help but ask where to get them. It’s really special, especially during gatherings. As Jay puts it, “Something special to create memories by having these beautiful mugs.”

Anytime is the best time to have cacao. But the next time you are wondering, how can I make my cacao experience extra special, try at least one of these mugs. It’s more than worth it.