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You might’ve heard

It seems like we here in and are not the only ones who are going crazy with ceremonial grade cacao. It appears, that there’s a growing number of people who are falling in love with it. Ceremonial grade cacao has been trending not just in particular groups but in many walks of life and expanding markets. Ceremonial grade cacao is trending and is certainly gaining some popularity. Let us explore more why tis the year to drink ceremonial grade cacao.

We all have different reasons

Ceremonial grade cacao has been in the market for quite a while now and like you, I love it. We might’ve different reasons but we fell in love and stayed in love with it equally the same. Mainly because it gives us that feeling like no other and in all seasons, you can drink ceremonial grade cacao

It gives you that kick to start your morning and own your day. There’s no denying that extra magnesium is a game changer to fuel your day and go that necessary extra mile. You add to that, flavonoids which, that together with magnesium, improve your blood flow especially in the hippocampus. It is the region of the brain where learning and memory happen, dramatically help your focus, and as important your attention span. Making ceremonial grade cacao a much-needed cup of grace to keep you in your top game during the day.

And that power allows you to slow down and connect to deeper things; far beyond our usually distracted senses can, that ceremonial grade cacao is so famous with – “bliss molecule”. Or in other terms anandamides. What it does is bind cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body. It then stimulates a sense of happiness, peace, and mental wellness. This cannabinoid also enhances your serotonin level effectively helping you fight those mood swings. It makes an ideal drink as you end your day with joy, peace, tranquility, connection, and fulfillment before that good night’s rest.

All these benefits are packed together to form a robust drink basically for everyone and all walks of life. From health professionals, day-to-day hard-working employees, up-and-coming CEOs, business entrepreneurs, fitness freaks, yogis, supermoms and dads, and everyone who feels the need to have a bit of “extra” in their life.

Let’s start with the obvious

Wondering why tis the year to drink ceremonial grade cacao? With ceremonial grade cacao’s impact on so many people’s lives in so many settings, its growing hype in ecstatic dancing events shouldn’t be a surprise, right?

If you’re not familiar with the ecstatic dancing events, it’s an awesome gathering where participants are moved to connect to deeper underlying senses and energy through dancing. To some this experience leads to healing, much-needed comfort, or for some, this is even a life-changing event.

You see, ceremonial grade cacao is perfect in this gathering since contains a strong amount of phenylethylamine or PEA, also known as “chocolate amphetamine”. This neurotransmitter stimulates feelings of attraction, excitement, giddiness, and apprehension. A concrete example of how this thing works is during lovemaking; it arouses the brain’s pleasure centers enough that it reaches peak levels during orgasm.

Then we add flavonoid in the conversation, a compound that accumulates particularly at the hippocampus. To emphasize this point, mainly to say that ceremonial grade cacao doesn’t only trigger you to peak levels during the ecstatic dance, but instead stimulates you to focus on this very intimate experience.

On top of flavonoid, ceremonial grade cacao has the highest natural source of magnesium. As flavonoid works in your brain, simultaneously magnesium dramatically boosts your energy levels by converting food to energy. This is an important detail especially if you feel like “you don’t have it” or probably you’re experiencing fatigue, remember ceremonial grade cacao is your ideal company.

And to top all that is the bitter-tasting alkaloid theobromine. This compound widens the blood vessels which in effect helps your blood flow. This helps you go longer in doing the things you love. To add to all that, cacao also has a small dosage of caffeine. 

But here’s where I was really surprised

With ceremonial grade cacao’s impact on so many people’s lives in so many settings, it still fascinates me that there’s a growing number of cacao aficionado that takes it to music festivals and different gatherings. The more also it convinces me that tis the year to drink ceremonial grade cacao. Then to amaze you further, there are even sightings that it has now gone to a point that some use ceremonial grade cacao in the place of alcohol.

The more I think of what’s with ceremonial grade cacao and its power. You see ceremonial grade cacao has that kick since it contains a very potent level of endorphins. This is the same hormone that elicits pleasure when we eat, finish working out, have intimate relations, or do any reward-producing activities. According to the experience of Jay Hoad, a lot are more interested in using cacao than alcohol because it makes you more present which is the opposite of alcohol that makes you less present and less aware of what’s going around you.

Add to that the fact that ceremonial grade cacao is also packed with tyrosine that triggers dopamine and tryptophan which produces serotonin. And what you get is a robust amount of happy hormones traveling your body across different glands in your bloodstream contributing to a good mood. Not only that, these neurotransmitters help battle mood swings, and fight away those stressful feelings, it does help you keep the party going.

And to top all that is the bitter-tasting alkaloid theobromine. This compound widens the blood vessels which in effect helps your blood flow. This helps you go longer in doing the things you love. 

The world is catching up

If this interests you, maybe you would be wondering if there’s an exact dosage for it to be alcohol-like. The coolest part here is that there’s no perfect way, you just make it as an alternative. You can have milkshakes or any cacao drink. The ideal dosage is around 35g-45g. By the way, you can check for some great recipes and how to use ceremonial grade cacao according to your preference!

Ceremonial grade cacao entering mainstream parties is a piece of great news! I don’t know with you but personally, it got me excited, that we’re not the only ones who know the magic, the world is starting to get it.

As the founder and owner of and put it, “People are becoming more conscious of what they’re putting in their bodies and more in alignments with the healthy way of honoring their bodies.”

“As well as spiritually, (ceremonial grade cacao) assisting people being more spiritually aligned with their purpose and honoring their body, honoring their temple,” added Jay Hoad.

The world is a whole lot better if it’s overflowing with ceremonial grade cacao. After going through all that, I’m surprised that I was surprised, the rest of the world will eventually get that.