Yoga and Cacao Ceremony: What’s the Connection?

Cacao is a powerful tool to support our full potential. 

The many benefits it provides help us lead the healthiest and happiest life possible by improving mood, and relieving stress symptoms such as anxiety or depression while motivating us to get through our busy days. 

Ceremonial grade cacao and yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to release stress and tension. It can help increase flexibility, muscle strength, and tone, and improve breathing, energy, and vitality. Practicing yoga is also great for cardio and circulatory health. Although most people associate yoga with flexibility, some types of yoga classes can help in building strength. 

Besides the cardiovascular and mental health benefits, yoga also boosts immunity. It also improves the quality of life. For years, researchers have seen the quality of life as an essential predictor of a person’s longevity. Practicing yoga offers plenty of health benefits. When paired with ceremonial grade cacao, yoga practices become more energizing. Drinking ceremonial grade cacao before your yoga practice sets the tone for a deep and meaningful session. 

Yoga is a holistic practice that aims to bring us back into the present moment and help strengthen our bodies. Cacao helps with this by taking your awareness both internally as well externally, which facilitates an experience where you can more easily connect on all levels – mindfully practicing through poses without worrying about what comes next. The warmth of embrace experienced when working out these movements also promotes positive feelings deep inside, making us anticipate the next yoga session. 

Cacao is the raw, unprocessed seed of the cacao tree. It is not roasted or processed beyond what is needed to make it safe for humans. Unlike chocolates, ceremonial grade cacao doesn’t lose its nutritional value. It is rich in antioxidants, zinc, fibre, protein, selenium, and other essential nutrients that offer plenty of health benefits. Drinking ceremonial grade cacao makes you feel alert, energized, and perky. It is a great alternative to coffee if you want to have the extra buzz without feeling exhausted after. Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade cacao is pure and cold-pressed, which is packed with living enzymes and nutritional value. 

How can cacao help in yoga practice?

Cacao is the perfect food if you are looking for a little extra something in your yoga practice. The sweet taste takes us away from our everyday worries and connects us to ourselves, helping with deep breathing exercises. 

In meditation, we try to focus inward and silence our minds. Not by pushing, but by observing and accepting with softness. By remembering what we are doing, we are able to connect to deeper layers of ourselves. Meditation and raw cacao can help us to dive deeper into our practice of living. Cacao often provides a sense of clarity, which is perfect for those seeking guidance on what they should do next or how best to handle certain situations at home and work with ease! Sipping some before meditation sessions allow us to focus better. 🧘

What Is a Cacao Ceremony?

The dark chocolate that we consume has a highly medicinal effect on our body, and the ritual of consuming it can be very beneficial.

A cacao ceremony is a practice connecting ourselves with the earth, where you drink ceremonial grade cacao or Tribal Moon Cacao intentionally and mindfully. It is a fun, and uplifting experience in which people set intentions and pray together with heartfelt music or sound healing. The powerful experiences of the cacao ceremony can be life-changing. Whether you are practicing a cacao ceremony for a long or just stepping into running your very first ceremony with little or no experience, a cacao ceremony can help improve your yoga practice. 

You can do a cacao ceremony alone post-yoga or with a group after a class. When you do it alone, you connect to your authentic self and unlock your inner potential. With a class, a cacao ceremony gives a sense of belongingness. 

Before starting a cacao ceremony, you need to set your intentions and hold on to them. You may also think of the things that you are grateful for before drinking Tribal Moon cacao. Imagine your intentions flowing through as you sip the cacao drink. Cacao ceremonies don’t have to be complicated. Drinking Tribal Moon Cacao intentionally opens your heart, allowing you to share and express your emotions freely. It enables you to nourish a healing relationship as you go deeper with your yoga practice. Whenever you feel confused, blocked, upset, or disconnected, consider doing a cacao ceremony after a yoga session. 

The bottom line

Drinking Tribal Moon Cacao after a yoga session can give a heart-warming rush. This feeling makes it easier to awaken the positive feeling. Thanks to its incredible benefits, your body will look forward to the subtle positive feeling you experience after a cacao ceremony. 

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