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You Just Found a Cheat Code to a Fuller Life – Ceremonial Grade Cacao


A cheat code to a fuller life

Have you ever wondered, is there something deeper, and fuller life beyond the everyday routine and the daily grind? Well, you may have just found a cheat code – Ceremonial Grade Cacao. 😮 

One of life’s greatest revelations in the 21st century is “hard work always pays off”. This has been the engine that’s been moving our society over the years and brought us to exactly where we are now. Hard work in the grander scheme of things, made this planet a better place. However, the same good thing that brought our civilization to where it is now, and a “hyper-fast-paced society” has become “the norm”. All this effectively creates the grind culture, a society that’s pushing the limits of hustle. 

While the robust drive for work is really good, it also robbed us slowly of our capacity to relax, slow, and let go, can you relate?? 😎 

So where does ceremonial cacao come in?

Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao is often referred to as being like a small voice that whispers “it’s okay to slow down.” A super comforting drink or snack that almost holds you accountable to take a moment to gently relax, compose, focus and slow down. I don’t know how my words weigh on you, but I hope as you read further, you’ll be comforted with the thought that in a time where relationships are possibly getting shallower or worse, volatile, there is a kind of sweetness that brings intimacy and tranquility.

Or maybe you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum, you want to go faster, push harder, and do better today. Yet you just keep waking up the same every day; slow-footed and somewhat you just can’t get that energy up or at least attuned. My friend, I would love to share, ceremonial grade cacao might just really be the very thing you’re looking for. Or even if you’re not looking for it, this chocolate might just be the sweetness that may assist you in choosing a more truly authentic life for you and your tribe. Heaps more info at

Let me break this chocolate down

You might be thinking that I’m just making up some things here, so let me break it down for you guys. Ceremonial grade cacao or theobroma has more goodness in it than its mouthwatering reputation. 💡 

Cacao contains a high amount of flavonoids. These are a class of polyphenolic secondary metabolites that helps improve your blood flow. The increase in the bloodstream, especially in the hippocampus (the region of the brain where learning and memory happens) dramatically helps your focus, and as important your attention span. As these flavonoids accumulate in the hippocampus, they form new neurons while protecting them from free radicals, effectively increasing your cognitive productivity.


Ceremonial Grade Cacao
Simultaneous with the focus that flavonoid enhances, cacao, especially its ceremonial dosage, contains an abundance of “bliss molecule” or better known as anandamide. This neurotransmitter binds cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body, stimulating a sense of happiness, and peace. Anandamide also boosts your serotonin level, helping you fight mood swings, and effectively shoves off the depressing feelings that just lurks around the corner.

To top the combo, cacao carries an abundant amount of magnesium. You probably know very well the feeling of “not feeling it today”, or the “this is not my day” even before starting up your day. These kinds of days are exactly when you need magnesium. You probably already heard that this mineral is very essential for bone growth and overall bone health. However, what’s not said enough is how crucial it is for proper nerve and muscle functions. So, the next time you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, other than love to wake you up, you probably need magnesium to get you going. The good thing is you’ll get both in cacao.

So it’s just like coffee right?

Well, not exactly. 😎

Actually, not really at all. 😉

Though they trigger your senses similarly; they are not really the same. Coffee contains caffeine, while cacao has theobromine. There’s that subtle difference in terms of their sensation that sometimes you hardly notice. Coffee heightens your alertness, while cacao helps your focus and concentration.

You will spot this the next time you try both in your own cup. When drinking coffee, after some few minutes or maybe an hour or two of peaking in alertness you will experience a significant drop. While for cacao, the focus and concentration last significantly longer. This is noteworthy especially if you want to have a longer effectivity and efficiency during the day. This is also the reason why so many walks of life from artists to managers, from content creators to everyday parents are now making cacao a part of their diet.

Since I already mentioned the comparison between the alertness that coffee triggers and the concentration and focus that cacao enables, it’s good to note what happens after their initial effect. Coffee’s peaking and sudden dip can actually trigger anxiety, while the cacao with the help of flavonoids, anandamide, minerals like magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, copper, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, and manganese helps you get to your flow. And more importantly, get through your day.

It’s important to note though that cacao also contains a small amount of caffeine. However, with the little amount it has, you will literally not notice it.

So how do you prepare your ceremonial cacao?

First, you need to have a triple-A grade ceremonial cacao like Tribal Moon Cacao. ➡ Other than this, you might also want to add some sweetener, like honey, dates, cinnamon, milk, or any of your liking. And honestly, the possibilities of what you can create with this incredible plant medicine are incredible, ice creams, brownies, cookies, slices, bliss balls, smoothies and so much more.

There are generally two kinds of dosages to enjoy your cacao and it’s important to note their quantity. For ceremonial dosage, this is the kind of serving that triggers deep awareness and openness; the kind that you really feel the sensation in your skin and for some almost their entire body. This ceremonial dosage requires 40 gm.

For the second kind of serving, the one Jay of Tribal Moon Cacao calls the “happy days” dosage. This is the dosage that advises you to use in your lattes etc. This is perfect to get you going all throughout your day. For this serving, we suggest you have 20 gm of ceremonial cacao or even a bit less if you are just starting.

The actual preparation isn’t really that complicated. Just make sure to melt or crush the cacao chunks a little, all details on our recipes page. If you have a grinder or anything in your kitchen to help you powder your cacao that will make it super simple.

Oh, and one last thing, be sure to keep the temperature below 87°C when possible to ensure that the active ingredients remain unmodified by temperature. 😉