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Are you ready to feel the Earth beneath your feet, reaching your arms and hands up towards the stars as you shake off any resistance to your most radiant and joyful embodiment? Prepare to be blown away by the magnificence of all that you are. Come join Tribal Moon cacao tribe on Saturday 24th July 2021 on the Gold Coast, Queensland. It will be an electric full moon in Aquarius the Water Bearer, and the very beginning of firey and intensely creative Leo season. If there is a good time to bring the conscious community together for a massive night of dancing this is the night. It will make for an unforgettable journey of epic conscious and embodied dance.  A night of community, connection and cacao… music, movement and magic.

The vision

A night of calling in the Quantum Field to bring in tribe to support other tribe. So it is possible that there will be people attending who are on a path of creating something new in the dream of the world but not quite sure what that is yet. There are times when we reach out for connection and  support on our journeys and this event could become one of those sacred spaces. Jay and the Tribal Moon tribe have created this to help answer the call. If you want to let go and make a shift. Step into your full power to create what you are here to create. Dance your heart open as you weave the magic of your creative vision. Plant the seeds to make it come alive.

This event may provide a life changing experience

There may be others at this event who will be able to offer support to those who are searching. It is a way of creating community and tribe; support is giving and receiving, heart centred and strengthens connections.

Conscious Soul Dance is more about sharing and community than many dance cacao ceremony events which are more about going within. Here you will go within but the purpose and intention is to then go back out. As Within As Without, healing and blossoming alongside your fellow ceremonialists. To truly share this experience with others could become a night you will always remember.

Sacred cacao sound journey with Jay Hoad

All live music including over 20 instruments on stage with ridiculously phat sub sonic live channeled beats and frequencies. Composed, created and manifested from the energy of all who attend by an internationally acclaimed sound alchemist, soul rocker, and ceremonialist Jay Hoad.

WHEN: Sat July 24th 2021

WHERE: Tugan Village Community Centre -414 Coolangatta Rd, Tugun QLD 4224

TIME: 6.30pm to 10pm

EARLY BIRD: $55 until Sun June 31st

TICKETS: $65 July 1st onwards

DOOR: $75 at the door if not sold out

CONSCIOUS SOUL DANCE 2.0 – FULL MOON: Jay Hoad + Special Guests including DJ Sankhara – Rites of Dance (ex. Conscious Clubbing DJ), Moon Rose Mickie, Susan Vu + more.

Come join the tribe for Conscious Soul Dance… a Cacao Sound Journey a twist.

The night will also include Deep Sound Healing, Tantric Knowledge Sharing, Cacao

Knowledge Sharing, Fire Ceremony, Dance, Conscious Creation Circle and more.

Mingle and meet your tribe and support this new paradigm of connection and conscious community that is arriving here. Play, dive deep or dive shallow, share your magic, have fun in a super safe and trustable space FULL of love and self-inquiry. Converse and speak your truth with the powerful souls of your community… yes that’s you!

Having recently arrived back in Australia due to a tiny flu epidemic that you may have heard of, Fijian born multi-instrumentalist Jay Hoad has spent the last 20 years touring the world performing and speaking at many of the biggest festivals on the planet as well as running his award-winning “Sacred Cacao Sound Journey” experiences. 7 awardwinning albums, 1000’s of shows throughout over 42 countries, and of course the creator of Tribal Moon Cacao & the Jay Hoad School of Music, Song Writing & Sound Healing.

Says Jay “Stoked to be bringing these vibes to the Gold Coast Australia, it’s going to be an epic full moon fuelled with full power WARRIORS OF LOVE UNITE! kinda vibes I reckon.

I have been blessed to bring these events to so many countries and really wanted to focus on presenting the opportunity to meet and converse with some of the local community if it resonates. One thing I have noticed at many ceremony/cacao/concert events in AUS is that people come as one, and then they go home never to see the people again. I know many of the people, and they are some of the most “cool as f^$k” people on the planet, and I’m like… do you know who just didn’t meet? laughs…

I guess in many of third world countries I have been blessed to perform, people unite, they talk and they get to know each other and then then they create magical shit. So that is the twist on this event compared to other events where there is silence, this event is all about meeting your tribe and connecting with the coolest cats and powerhouse conscious creators in your area, possibly uniting and creating more magical opportunities for others to share in”

Come experience community vibes where you are invited to meet some beautiful soul tribe that may just become some of your best friends for life.


Loose comfortable clothing

Yoga Mat

Cushion to sit on during Cacao Ceremony

A reusable water bottle

Recommended to eat lightly, or fasting, for best results — the cleaner the diet and body, the more profound the cacao may flow.


If you’re Feeling Sick



Jay Hoad has a Diploma in Contemporary music (AUS), Diploma in Sound Therapy (USA), a Degree in Jazz (AUS), Kundalini Yoga Teacher (INDIA), Tantra Practitioner (Studied with Eliyah Tantra School AUS and Essence of Life Tantra School INDIA). He founded “Healing with Harmony” in the USA, Earth Music International (AUS/USA) and “Tantric Earth Holistics” working with individuals and couples with tantra based philosophies and techniques with the primary focus of taking intimacy with self and your beloved to the next level, on all levels.

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“An eclectic sound of global proportions” -MD News Journal, USA

“Must be seen to be believed” -Fiji Times, FIJI

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