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Written by Lauren Alfred:

To our awesome tribe, we thank you so much for sharing the message about your personal experiences with Tribal Moon Cacao. The word is fast spreading and we are receiving worldwide orders on a weekly basis. More and more beautiful humans are awakening to the magic of this sacred plant medicine and truly feeling the benefits that the Spirit of Cacao has to share with humanity. What a time to be alive and what a time to be part of this movement!

We have been flooded with questions about the best way to prepare the cacao, how often to take it and what is a recommended dose for both daily use and ceremonial purposes. Tribal Moon founder Jay Hoad has dedicated many years to this sacred plant medicine and is confident that Tribal Moon is some of the best, smoothest, strongest ceremonial cacao on the market today.

A little research online will reveal that the usual recommended ceremonial dose is 42.5 grams, however this is a rough estimate and many factors go into what is the optimal serving of cacao. As an experienced ceremonialist, Jay Hoad suggests that it depends on the cleanliness of your diet, meaning the cleaner your body temple from eating a nutrient rich and predominantly plant based diet, the deeper and stronger the effect of the cacao.

For Tribal Moon Cacao Jay recommends 30 – 45 grams for a ceremonial dose; it is a good  idea to start slowly with 30 grams and build up how much you consume. Taking 45 grams is recommended after playing with 30 – 40 grams for some time first. Many people love to prepare cacao on a daily basis for mood enhancement, improved concentration, as a coffee or cannabis replacement and generally as a delicious superfood in smoothies and other treats. For this purpose, 15 – 20 grams is what Jay recommends for a ‘happy days’ dose preparation.

Our Cacao has a reputation for being quite a bit stronger than other brands of Cacao you may be used to, so we really recommend for you to play with, have some fun and get a feel for what works best for you and your tribe. Play with it, see what works best for you.

It is always a good idea to drink plenty of water when taking ceremonial doses of Tribal Moon Cacao as it is potent and staying hydrated will assist the journey. You will feel a lot better and integrate the plant medicine in a much more enjoyable way.

Why a Ceremonial Dose?

Shamanic healing has been used by ancient cultures worldwide for centuries. There are so many different types of ceremonies in existence today, and many different and contrasting variations of Cacao Ceremonies.

Cacao is known in the spiritual community as a heart opener and is often a powerful assistant in moving energy and letting go of things that no longer serve. We invite you to do your own research and participate or create your very own exactly as you wish it to be.

Ceremonies may include sitting in circle, focusing on tuning into breathe, resting the mind and opening the heart, meditation, inner reflection, setting intentions to be received etc. Ceremonies often end with dance, which is known to activate the cacao to activate within the heart and body, and create transformation.

Through opening the heart, cacao is known in assisting us to hear our true self, working through blockages and past traumas, dissolving pent up negative energy, helping align with who we truly are, gaining more clarity about who we really are and our purest direction at this time. It’s also a wonderful time to give ourselves mental and physical space, to switch off and soak up the medicine.

Invite yourself to spend time dropping into giving gratitude to this ancient plant medicine, setting intentions and opening your heart to the possibility of releasing what no longer serves, manifesting magic for your future, tuning in with yourself or your beloved. Let the

Cacao fill your heart with love and feel the gratitude of your life force energy.

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