Do you instantly feel the vibration of someone, even if it’s an email, a text or a voicemail

Every day through Tribal Moon Cacao, my Music Schools, etc., I receive email inquiries from people I have never met.


It is fascinating to me how in tune I have become with feeling the energy of these people, and I’m not necessarily talking about the actual words but the energy beneath them. Sometimes, I feel it sharply like a knife in my heart. Do you know what I mean?

I have learnt to do my absolute best to not form an opinion, give each person the love, presence, and kindness, and go out of my way to support them on their mission or with their requests. However, I am talking about this vibration as something different, something you can’t see. Something I spent much of my life being oblivious to. So what changed for me? 

Some emails just feel yucky, cold, and almost demanding, again, not in words but in the energy and tone beneath the words.

And some emails vibrate with love and an openness to give and receive. These people are like a magnet to my heart.

I am so blessed to attract many more open-hearted people, and the emails of a lower vibration are really quite rare compared to the number of high-vibe people.

But the point is, I am amazed at how sensitive I have become to this energy that I can feel so deeply, often before I even open the email.

So how did I become like this?

1.) Always listen to the energy beneath the words, as it is so easy to be distracted by the actual words.

It took me a while to attune myself to the sender’s energy instead of focusing on the actual message. It’s not to say that I disregard the actual message. It’s me looking through the intention and energy of the sender. I would wonder and ask myself the mood the sender was in when writing the email. Are they upset? Are they happy? Are they celebratory? Getting deeper into the message and its intention enables me to provide a response that resonates with the sender. 

2.) Taking myself out of the equation is not about me but actually about assisting with the greater good of humanity.

Just because I am the message recipient doesn’t mean it’s all about me. I take myself outside the equation and look deeper into the message’s intention. Instead of asking myself, why me? The question becomes, “how can I assist the greater good of humanity?” “how can I be an instrument to help these people?” Framing these questions takes me to the space of providing and assisting. It gives me the mental clarity I need to pour my cup and offer assistance. 

3.) Constantly doing the work, studying psychology, body language, etc.

I acknowledge my work, but that doesn’t stop there. I consistently and constantly do the work by improving my craft. Understanding body language, studying psychology, listening to people, taking the time to reflect, doing cacao ceremonies, and reflecting are just a few of the things I do to hone my craft. Moreover, constantly doing the work helps me see areas and relationships I need to deepen and cultivate. 

4.) Following the people I love and keeping connected with people I think are resonating at the highest vibration.

Being around people with high vibrations didn’t happen to me by accident. I consciously surround myself with people I share the same core values and principles. These are the people I emulate, respect, and hold dear. I consciously spend time with them, follow them, and stay connected. I value the relationship I have with each of them. Hanging out with high-vibrational people raises my vibration and inspires me to become a better version of myself. 

5.) Being conscious and accountable for what Media I expose myself to.

With the number of media and content vying for our attention online, it becomes easy to get distracted and absorb what we’re exposed to. The content and Media we consume can shape our thoughts and opinions that greatly impact our daily lives. This is why I am conscious of the media I consume. If I don’t become careful, I may be sucked in on a vortex that will zap my energy. It’s not to say I stay away from bad news or negative things. It’s about consciously taking in the content that resonates with my energy, purpose, and values. 

6.) Being conscious and accountable for the people I choose to spend my time with.

It’s not just about the media I consume that I am careful about. I am also conscious of the people I spend my time with. I am not biased toward certain criteria of a person I need to be around. However, I generally consciously choose to be around at least a percentage of people with similar vibrations as mine. Having prejudices toward people can’t be avoided, but knowing beyond our preferences can be fulfilling. Our biases affect how we perceive the world, but we can engage with different people positively by being conscious of our biases. Being present in the moment and treating each person with respect allows me to deepen my connections. 

Feeling all the love and high vibration and returning the same energy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes constant work and consistency to receive the love, attune to people’s energy, and be surrounded by high vibration.