‘Food of the Gods’ – What is Ceremonial Grade Cacao? How a

Daily Ritual Can Nourish Your Soul

With 2020 behind us and we launch head on into 2021 we have received an influx of enquiries from new cacao enthusiasts worldwide such as ‘what is ceremonial grade cacao and what makes it different from other cacao and chocolate products?’ and ‘what is a cacao ceremony or ritual?’ We love to share everything about cacao and are so happy to see our tribe growing that it felt fitting to address these questions in a blog post of its own. For all our new tribe, welcome to Tribal Moon – please read on to learn what ceremonial grade cacao is and how a daily ritual can assist in nourishing your heart and soul.

Tribal Moon Cacao comes from organic Criollo cacao trees grown with loving and conscious intent by farmers in Northern Peru. It is cultivated in a region that is renown for being part of the Ancient Meso-American Civilization, a location famous for providing the highest grade cacao known to be gifted to humankind.

The ‘Food of the Gods’, or Theobroma Cacao as it is known botanically is recognised as an incredibly sacred plant. The spiritual energy of our cacao and the bean from where it comes are created, cultivated, loved and appreciated with an abundance of high vibe positive energy and traditional farming methods. Fuelled with gratitude, joy and celebration for cacao and all the healing and medicinal properties this superfood brings, it is elevating souls and changing lives for the better.

Long before Tribal Moon Cacao was created, the intention was set to offer the strongest, smoothest, most ridiculously tasty and affordable ceremonial grade cacao available. Coupled with the intention to co-create a new paradigm of business fuelled by love, supporting and giving back to others led to a desire to deeply contribute to this divine planet earth, its oceans, it’s animals and all of their divinity. This is the nature of the Spirit of Cacao as heart opener and consciousness expander. The love and high vibes that come from journeying with this medicine are meant to be shared by all sentient beings.

Now, many years later, Tribal Moon Cacao has become an iconic name in the spiritual and healing community around the world. It is known as the finest and highest quality cacao available on the market today and is used by ceremonialists, chefs, yogis and mums, dads and kids worldwide. It is unbelievable in raw and vegan treats, super healthy, great for kids and also very tasty as an alternative to processed chocolate in bliss balls, brownies, cookies, cakes, ice-cream, caramel slices, and so much more. Tribal Moon Cacao is 100% pure Peruvian Ceremonial Grade Criollo Cacao, lovingly prepared with intention and gratitude to assist all who share in its magic. Certified organic, fair trade and ethically sourced, nothing added, never chemically or temperature altered… it is a very powerful plant medicine for all ages.

A single ceremonial serving is generally 35 to 45grams, and a “happy days” serving is around 20grams. Our Cacao has a reputation for being quite a bit stronger than other brands of cacao you may be used to, so we recommend to play with, have some fun and get a feel for what works best for you and your tribe. The cleaner your diet, the more profound it will be… physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually.

The sugar and artificial sweeteners contained in commercial grade chocolate create a massive nutritional ‘black hole’ in the body and brain by robbing it of the important nutrients and creating a large nutritional deficit. This contributes to the peak and crash so often experienced when eating these sugary snacks. Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao can assist concentration for both adults and children. There is no guilt involved with our super tasty recipes, and we have 100’s of recipes right here on our website, plus new ones coming all the time. Our cacao is super yummy and kids just keep asking for more! It is the perfect alternative for kids who have already developed a taste for lollies and chocolate (they’ll never know the difference!) and they get to have all the sweet treats they can eat without the crash of empty calories. Our cacao is known for being a powerful assistant in calming the nervous system, bringing with it a gentle and prolonged focus.

“An incredible aphrodisiac, deeply connected like never before, juicy, euphoric, orgasmic” – these are comments we hear from our customers week in and week out. Our cacao contains: Tryptophan – a building block of the neurotransmitter serotonin which is involved in mood enhancement, cognition, sleep regulation and sexual arousal. Phenylethylamine – a central nervous system stimulant which is released in the brain when humans fall in love. This action triggers a release of the hormones norepinephrine and dopamine which create feelings of euphoria, joy and love. L-arginine – an amino acid that can be an effective natural sex-enhancer for both women and men. It increases nitric oxide levels and promotes blood flow to the sexual organs, which contributes to enhanced sensation, satisfaction and desire.

Cacao is known for being incredibly good for the teeth, skin, heart, mind, well being, focus and so much more. It is a powerful aphrodisiac, full of iron and antioxidants. It has over 1200 active ingredients, all already found within the human body, although most of us are vastly depleted in many of these ingredients due to the western way of modern living. Think of your daily dose of Tribal Moon Cacao as honouring your body with a reset to its natural way of being.

A daily ritual can be as simple as setting an intention for your day and mindfully taking time with the process of eating or drinking your cacao. You can breathe deeply, sing, dance, meditate, write in your journal or simply connect with your heart and nature. Music sounds better, colours are more vibrant and conversation with loved ones is elevated with ceremonial grade cacao.

There are hundreds of cacao recipes on the website which you can find here https:// if you are seeking inspiration for what to create with your cacao.

Order yourself some organic Tribal Moon Cacao today, it comes with free happiness, health, joy and abundance. Head to our website to find out more!

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