Written by Lauren Alfred:

“Through the deep recognition and healing of all parts of my being I am able to create true and lasting emotional change.” 

This months full moon in the watery sign of Scorpio invites us to go deep with our cacao ceremonies. It is a sign of profound healing and transformation and is symbolised by the phoenix rising from the ashes to begin a new stage of spiritual and physical ascension.

When we experience profound trauma we fragment, meaning a part of us vacates because there is an aspect that is too wounded to process the trauma so it leaves the body so to speak, this is the state of fear and trauma

When we are ready to face this trauma and begin or deepen the journey of healing and integration, to become creators and masters of our lives, it is our responsibility to bring that part of us ‘back home’, calling it back inside of us. Cacao can assist in calling these fragmented parts of self back home. Because it is such an effective heart opening plant medicine it holds a space for greater empathy to be felt towards these discarded and neglected parts of the self. As we open our hearts and commit to calling our inherent primal power back, we are getting in touch with the energy of Scorpio.

Whenever we find ourselves getting triggered, reactive and impatient we are being gifted with an opportunity to be conscious of how this is happening and realising that we do have the ability to integrate this disowned part of ourselves. It is a wonderful practise to do during a cacao ritual especially during this Scorpio full moon which is all about spiritual alchemy; transmuting the unhealed parts of ourselves into personal potency and power. Becoming a creator is a state of being, of being at peace with our inner and outer realities. As Above, As Below, As Within, As Without. It is to remain in our centre no matter what is occurring around us.

Some Scorpionic themes to meditate on during your Tribal Moon Cacao ceremony could include:

Bioenergetically Scorpio rules the sexual organs, large intestine, digestion, hormones and glands. In our bodywork during ceremony we can see that alchemically it is much about finding the unseen and denied parts of ourselves and assessing how this is impacting our self expression and our lives. The Cacao Spirit invites us to sit with these realisations, allowing them to be expressed, moved through the body, ‘digested’ in ritual so that they may be transmuted, transformed into higher states of awareness and being. This is profound medicine for deep healing and with the aid of our plant medicine Mama Cacao can really create a long lasting effect.

When we heal these unseen parts or ourselves we are then becoming masters of our own reality.

Becoming the true creators of our own magical lives.

When we then radiate this out into our environment we become living examples to those around us. It becomes visible that something has shifted because we will be holding ourselves differently.

The energy of Scorpio is that of the Water Magician and it also rules the hormones and glands, which make up our chakra system. When doing energy work, sound healing, dancing, yoga and breath work it all has an effect on the chakra system.

Experienced Cacao Ceremonialist Jay Hoad says that music also accentuates whatever healing modalities are being shared, ‘whatever is going around’  and that different keys of music compliment different chakras. With the watery vibes of this full moon it is such a good time to dive deep and play with music and sound to explore healing the chakras during your cacao ceremony. We will begin to explore these themes in coming blogs about how Tribal Moon founder Jay Hoad utilises and plays with sound frequency and the healing qualities of music during his powerful Cacao ceremonies.


Path of the Fool: Meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana by Michael Tsarion

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