How did the 33 Percent Rule Change My Life

The 33 percent rule… is a game changer!  Ok, so I have this “rule” that I always try to acknowledge consciously. I can’t remember if I learnt it from Tony Robbins, Robert T Kiyosaki, or someone else of this kind of insanely inspiring calibre, but I call it the 33% rule.

 It goes something like this: do my best to be always around 33% of people that are exactly where I want to be “one day”, people who inspire me, people who are insanely successful, abundant, and incredible in my eyes.

Now obviously, your perception of this is probably completely different from mine. So, follow whatever resonates with you for this 33%. Maybe they are billionaires, or they have a family, maybe they have their own massive business with 500 staff, perhaps they run big events, maybe they are coaches, or maybe they are professional athletes. They are the people who you want to be more like, basically. 

Identifying the great influences

In the words of motivational speaker Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Our friends have a massive influence on us. The people we spend most of our time with shape who we are and determine the conversations we let into our lives. Proximity to greatness is power. This is why I go the extra mile to surround myself with people who inspire, challenge, and push me to grow. I’ve groups of people that serve different purposes and means of inspiring and influencing me to become the version of myself.

Have you found your people yet? Are you still looking for these incredible influences in your life? When looking for inspiring people, I didn’t have to look further. They are already in my environment, and I hang out with them regularly. What have I done to get connected with these incredible people? I defined my goals, values, and perceptions. Being true to myself was the key to helping me identify these people who share the same values and principles. I set a time for myself to ponder and reflect on the values that define who I am.

Perhaps you need some alone time to figure out what you truly want. Take this opportunity to evaluate your values, revisit your goals, and learn more about who you are or want to be. Writing things down in a journal, meditating, or practising Cacao Ceremony can help provide mental clarity.

Even when you already know your goals, values, and wants, it always helps to find time for yourself.

How I spend valuable time with these people

I do my best to be around 33% of people who are on the same level as me in my perceptions, people who are in a similar place to where I am, people who I resonate with deeply, love to be around, and make me laugh, smile and be a better version of myself just by being in their presence.

It’s not to say that I disregard the people who don’t belong to this group. However, I make it a point to spend more time with the people who impact my life most. What I do to make my time with them worthwhile is to be present and mindful. I get rid of any distractions and focus on what’s happening currently. I soak in the moments I spend with them, listening to their stories and delighting in their anecdotes. Paying attention to the present moment has significantly improved my life and relationship with them. It makes them feel special, regarded, and important. 

What about the people that don't belong to the 33%?

I have always been telling this, and I’ll say it again, I believe that the people in my path have different purposes. A few of these purposes might have been fulfilled, but I’ve yet to find out some. I trust the process and the purposes these people carry or have fulfilled. I might not be aware of all of these purposes, but I believe that I have gained benefits from them one way or the other. 

This is why I also do my best to be around people who are not where I want to be, people who inspire me to keep moving forward because they are not where I want to be, or maybe ever be again. These people are often easily inspired by me, inspired to lean in, step up, be more authentic, and be a better version of themselves. I love giving these people so much time and love. 

The bottom line

 This 33% rule is obviously going to be written/interpreted differently by everyone, so whatever resonates with you. But it definitely keeps me on my toes on so many levels. The idea of becoming someone I aspire to while inspiring people to step up and become more authentic is humbling yet exhilarating. Honouring all of these amazing 33 per cent equally, thank you for being exactly as you are, you are all fantastic and AMAZING, and you all inspire me on so many levels!!!