How Gratitude Inspires Me to Commit to My Goals

Ahhh, the golden questions people ask me ALLLLL the time. “Jay, you are a powerhouse; how do you get so much done in a day, juggle so many businesses, do so many events and concerts, spend spending quality time with your family, plus give so much presence, time, and love to every person you cross paths with?”

 How… hmmm, this is a good one.

I think the core of this comes down to deep gratitude for life. I don’t feel like I have ever been here before; it feels like my first time here with no connection to any past life feeling. And so many of my friends passed when I was between 13 and 18 years old, so I developed deep gratitude for waking up every day without being dead. It sounds blunt, but it’s true! I have such gratitude and joy for life every single day.

Here are 6 of my secrets:

1.) Stay committed because you have too much magic to share in this lifetime, so many people to assist on their mission.

Shifting our words and goals to action can be tricky, but knowing that you are meant to share the end goal with plenty of people can be motivating and inspiring. I can get in my way, procrastinate and put things off sometimes. It gets to a point where self-doubt comes knocking in, but whenever these self-defeating thoughts try to bring me down, my support system lifts me. The support system I have come in different forms. They can be from my students, community, and friends. These people don’t know the quality and amount of support and inspiration they provide. However, knowing I am surrounded by the right people that support my ideals and goals fuels me and keeps me going. More so, the knowledge that I have so much potential to create magic keeps me committed to working on my goals.

Do you have a solid support system? The people around you may be the support you need to reach your goals or keep you in check towards actualizing your ideas. 

2.) A little bit goes to feeling like you have achieved something and getting closer to what you will create next.

When’s the last time you celebrated your big wins? How about your small successes? A tap on the shoulder or a little victory dance to celebrate your small wins can be a good reminder of how you’ve come. It used to be where I got too caught up with the bigger picture that I didn’t acknowledge the small wins. What mattered to me before was getting the big prize or nailing the big projects without recognizing the little achievements. I learned that acknowledging the little triumphs and small things fuels my creativity and energizes me. Facing the bigger things doesn’t sound too drastic or tedious, knowing I ticked some stuff on my list. 

3.) Give deep gratitude every day that you are in a position in your life where you have the luxury even to do the things you want in your day.

Expressing gratitude is more than saying thanks. It’s showing appreciation of the life I have and the experiences I am having. Practicing gratitude has immense power for my mental health and boosts my relationship with others. Being thankful changed the game and allowed me to see the little wins while keeping committed to my goals. 

Do you practice gratitude every day? How do you express it? I say my thanks in many ways. Meditating is one of the effective methods for me. Sitting still allows me to think of the things and luxuries I enjoy.

Additionally, I journal and write down the things I am grateful for. This clarifies some things I tend to ignore or take for granted. Doing Cacao Ceremony with my friends and community is also my go-to activity to express my gratitude towards other people. 

4.) Use others who inspire you for inspiration, not comparison in a way that would stop you from doing what you love.

Comparison is the thief of joy, so they say.

 I don’t compete with other people. Instead, I draw inspiration from them. I learned that when I let ego get in my way, I can’t move forward with my goals. Has there been a time when you were envious of the success of your friends? Perhaps, you may want to shift your focus. Rather than harboring jealousy from your friends, why not get inspired by them? Letting go of my ego allowed me to grow and learn from the people around me. It’s a humbling moment to know about their journey and learn from it. 

I couldn’t count the times I’ve applied a few of the principles and secrets I’ve learned from the people around me to my business, practices, and daily life. 

5.) Start early; even doing 60 minutes of a new thing in the morning before your start your day can change your whole life.

It is the small things that make the difference. Whilst the big things are life-changing, the small things define us. Sometimes, I await significant opportunities and big breaks to strike and do the work. However, I’ve learned that life doesn’t work that way. In search of bigger fish to fry, I forget the small things that lead up to these significant breakthroughs.

Even dedicating half an hour every day to learning a new craft can significantly improve your life. I made it a point to focus on improving the small things in my life and doing it constantly. Getting incrementally better about a new thing each day is rewarding and fulfilling. However, I see it as a learning opportunity if things don’t go my way. These little things have sustained my craft and professional life and strengthened my relationships. 

6.) Because it is ONLY YOU who can choose to get more out of your day.

No one holds the power to make a difference in your life but YOU. The people around me have helped me in more ways than one, but I would still be in a rut without acknowledging their presence and capacity to assist my growth. Knowing that I have the power to achieve my goals and the drive to stay committed gives me tunnel vision in going for the gold. It’s not always an easy path but rewarding and worthwhile.

The bottom line

No matter how busy or unfavorable the day gets, I set a time to practice gratitude. I soak into my experience and acknowledge the privilege I have to be alive and experiencing thousands of thoughts and emotions. I pause and look at my relationship with people, students, and communities. I also ponder and express my gratitude for the opportunities I welcome in my life and the tiny new things I consistently learn. Gratitude has massively changed my life. How did it change yours?