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If you have ever attended a Tribal Moon cacao ceremony you will know that one of the vital elements of our journeys is the music. Music and sound, when applied consciously and with sacred loving intent has the power and capacity for deep and profound alchemical healing on all levels of our being. Music accentuates whatever healing modalities are being shared during the journey, complimenting ‘whatever is going around’ says founder of Tribal Moon Cacao, sound alchemist and experienced ceremonialist Jay Hoad.

For instance during a yoga class, if composing for a yoga teacher the music is designed to enhance the movements and flow of the yoga journey. Slow movements are matched with deep and soulful melodies while stronger, more fiery movements are combined with passionate and rhythmic sounds such as shamanic drumming. For a breath work session Jay composes healing music that flows with the movement of the breath. During a “breathe in” moment he will play something to compliment the inhalation and likewise a “breathe out” moment is aligned with something to compliment the deep exhalation. This enhances the transformational and healing potential of a breath work session as it assists participants to go deeper and more lucidly into the journey.

Not only about the music itself, it is also about the tension and release of the harmonics. While some notes create a lot more tension, some create more release. During any kind of healing journey, these wavelike moments of tension and release offer a profound gateway to the integration and resolution of trauma, pain and conflict. Some musical intervals also have a significant impact upon the emotional body, such as the difference between a C# and an E# or a 1st and a major 3rd which will stimulate happy and euphoric feelings during ceremony. A minor root note makes that note sound and feel sad. A whole range of emotion and sensation can be created through music during ceremony ~ tension, fear, power, bluesy or funky, happy, uplifting ~ all these feelings become possible with music. When creating and setting this with a particular healing modality whether it be yoga, breath work, meditation or sacred dance, true magic and alchemy can and does take place.

“The simple supple sounds of my musical noodling in the background, channelling from the source energy of what’s going on in that space, at that point in time, with who’s there and who’s speaking is what it’s all about.” Jay Hoad, Tribal Moon Cacao.  

Spontaneity and conscious composing assists the healing process. Different keys of music resonate with different chakras and frequencies, complimenting the full range of emotions. Different body parts correspond to the frequencies of the physical, metaphysical, subconscious and conscious – music and sound composed and created with intent is such a powerful assistant with all of these things during a sacred cacao journey.

What does this Look Like During a Cacao Ceremony?

For a new participant, joining a Tribal Moon cacao ceremony for the first time can feel a little overwhelming. It is ok to feel this way but it is also good to know that right from your moment of arrival the atmosphere is warm, welcoming and full of delicious sacred heart vibes. A ceremony begins with the drop ins and welcomes. Adventurous participants just love the shock factor of not knowing what’s coming next ~ this is the true embodiment of magic and the mystery within and without ~ we don’t plan too much exactly because it is so profound to just let it all flow. Directed and channelled from Creator Source, we like to see what unfolds naturally, to observe and participate in what flows because that’s when the magic and spontaneous healing happens.

Generally after beginning with drop ins the cacao servings are shared with everyone present. Naturally what comes next is drinking the cacao while Jay shares his tantric and yogic knowledge and any other information that feels relevant to the people in the space at that time. As the cacao begins to flow within and the love begins to pour out, is when the music journey truly begins. A ceremony can be a really chill, standard sound healing with guitars, didgeridoos and singing bowls or a full on rock show where the people just want to dance ~ full of phat rock riffs, heavy funk, psy trance beats and everything in between. All is welcome in the space ~ nothing is not welcome in the sacred space of a Tribal Moon cacao ceremony!

During this sacred time sound is used to move energy through the body which deeply shifts blockages and stagnant energy. It is such a powerful assistant to couple with other modalities such as yoga, dance, breath work and meditation and to simply do this journey and process is a blessed gift from Creator Source. The dynamic during a group ceremony is powerful and always builds upon the energies of everyone present in the space at that time. Every journey is truly unique and different which is what creates such a magical flow and experience. A standard sound healing with Jay Hoad which is usually during his one on one sessions “can assist in moving energy when I tune in… usually during one on one sessions I will hone in on the body and really see the body, feel the body for example when I am playing a didgeridoo or drums I will focus on a part of the body and play to it. For example the throat chakra is often blocked particularly for women. Then I will go deep with a didgeridoo. The womb space too is a common place for energetic blockages to occur with women; the didgeridoo is a powerful assistant with fertility in sound healing sessions.”

So much magic takes place during a Tribal Moon cacao ceremony, both in group and one on one sessions. Spontaneous and deeply transformational healing often occurs and is guided by the music that is such a huge part of these ceremonies. Make sure to check Jay Hoad’s Facebook and Instagram pages for the most epic sound healing event of 2021.

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