Sagittarius Cacao Ceremony:

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“Happiness and success come my way when I courageously cultivate my passions, self confidence and spiritual independence” 

This month we are celebrating a full moon in the joyful and philosophical sign of Sagittarius the  Archer. Following the darkly transformational Scorpionic lunar energies of last month, Sagittarius arrives as the ninth astrological sign. Often called the Archer, it actually represents a Centaur; half horse and half man. Philosophical and deeply metaphysical, Sagittarius energy loves adventure and freedom and is about understanding the world both within and around us. As the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius vibes are bold, courageous, independent and optimistic. A deep lover of truth and higher understanding, this sign corresponds with the Temperance card from the Tarot.

While Sagittarius loves freedom and expansion, it is a sign that also deeply honours healthy traditions and cultural practices. This is a time to create rituals around truth seeking, both on the micro and macro scales of your private life and in the greater context of the wider world around us; as the great Eternal Axiom states ‘As Within, As Without’. Here we can create intentions and sacred practices to uncover further meaning from what was discovered during the previous full moon in Scorpio. For example if the shadow expression of shame has been carefully hidden within the internal landscape of your sexuality, a profound cacao ceremony practise may involve sensual Kundalini style dance combined with deep belly breathing.

Sacred dance is one of those practices that is easily and naturally aligned with cacao ceremony whether solo or in a group. After setting intentions and drinking the cacao, our hearts are open both spiritually and physically. Because of this, an activity such as sacred dance can help us to tune into our bodies and get the heart pumping, allowing us to deeply feel our intentions and move that energy through our sacred body temple. Truly tuning in and feeling this energy flowing through the blood is such a powerful way to connect with the plant medicine and is fun, sensual and fulfilling on so many levels! Because Sagittarius is such an adventurous astrological sign, adding a dance component to your Tribal Moon cacao ceremony will be extra auspicious this month. More and more of our tribe are opening up and letting themselves go with the music, discovering just how much fun and healing can take place on the dance floor.

To let go and truly be in the flow of a sacred dance practise during cacao ceremony takes both courage and grace. Courage to truly feel your body and allow the trauma to move through you, and grace to be open with the energies you encounter while in this profound moment of healing.

Both of these states of consciousness have the potential to bring the dancer into a state of heightened awareness, guiding us to greater expansion and prosperity.

Due to the fiery nature of Sagittarius, why not spice up your Tribal Moon Cacao this full moon with some extra warming spices such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper, vanilla and nutmeg? Adding cayenne pepper to your cacao is really delicious. It also helps to activate the special compounds within cacao, further enhancing and intensifying the effects of the sacred plant medicine. Cinnamon and vanilla are lovely additions to a cacao brew especially if you are looking to reduce your sweetener and nutmeg just adds a little kick that goes well with this extra fiery blend!  Some Sagittarius vibes to meditate on during your Tribal Moon Cacao ceremony:

Shadow aspects of the current Sagittarius energy for deep diving and transmutation:

Bioenergetically Sagittarius rules the large organs, appetite and body weight; there is a slight tendency and possibility to over indulge during this time, giving all the more reason to dive in and create a sacred and sensual dance ritual with your cacao ceremony. Herbs and crystals that correspond with this full moon energy include Lemon Balm, Lavender and Calendula and Citrine, Lapis Lazuli and Black Onyx. Have some fun and play with these different magical tools for a truly multidimensional Tribal Moon Cacao Ceremony during the Sagittarius full moon!

Reference Path of the Fool: Meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana by Michael Tsarion

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