“So you’re telling me there is a link between giving my children Tribal Moon Cacao and them doing their homework?! But how? Isn’t chocolate full of the sugar and additives that cause the short attention, lethargy and fatigue that I am trying to prevent?” (Rebecca, Mum from Western Australia)


If this sounds all too familiar we welcome you to Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao; we are so glad you have found us and are about to discover some really cool facts about our pure, fully wild fermented 100% organic Peruvian Cacao!

Despite what you may have been led to believe, there are actually many health benefits of consuming chocolate when it comes in its natural state (see our recipes page). Tribal Moon Cacao is the perfect way to give your child a super healthy brain boosting treat that they would never know was actually healthy.

Even if they do find out, they will still want more because it is simply so deliciously full of delight.


“I love it when my mum makes me cacao smoothies after school. I used to have a sandwich which made me feel really tired but now I look forward to my smoothie before piano practise” (Charlie, 9, from NSW)


Health Benefits of Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao


Theobroma Cacao contains 100’s of known chemical compounds including antioxidant polyphenols. These are plant chemicals that are really good for you. Because a lot of the degenerative diseases of the brain are related to oxidation, this is wonderful news especially for your growing children who may naturally have already developed a taste for lollies and chocolate. They get to experience the sweet treat without the crash of empty calories.


These polyphenols protect the body from oxidative stress by increasing antioxidants in the blood – however it is important to remember that processed cocoa and even ‘raw’ cacao can remove up to 78% of the polyphenols. While commercial chocolate still contains more of the butter it also contains nasty additives which are detrimental to your child’s concentration.

Sugar and artificial sweeteners create a massive nutritional ‘black hole’ in the body and brain by robbing it of the important nutrients and creating a large nutritional deficit. This contributes to the peak and crash so often experienced when eating these sugary snacks. Ceremonial Grade Cacao however can assist concentration for both adults and children. There is no guilt involved with our super tasty Tribal Moon recipes!

Tribal Moon Pure Cacao comes from the dried and fully fermented fatty seed of the Theobroma Cacao fruit. We have already revealed from our previous blog posts that it has been named ‘Food of the Gods’ throughout the ages, and for many very good reasons.


Theobroma Cacao and the Gut Brain Axis


If you are unfamiliar with the gut brain axis that is totally ok! Read on to see what this is and how it is connected to your child’s favourite chocolate treat.


Our gut brain axis is in charge of the signalling that takes place between the gastrointestinal tract and brain. The gut, or intestinal flora are a complex community of micro organisms that make their home in the human body – the gut contains a large amount of bacteria and they play an important role in the absorption, digestion and synthesis of vitamins and minerals.

Changes in the gut flora due to excessive sugar, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated vegetable oils, genetically modified additives and so forth all affect cellular communication and place a huge stress on the nervous system. This creates a ripple effect with communication to the brain. The result comes in lack of concentration, brain fog, fatigue and other neurological stressors that make it hard to fully enjoy life.

Gut flora also effect the vagus nerve, which helps transmit the state of organs such as the gut, intestines and stomach to the brain. There is research emerging which shows that excessive exposure to stress can impact the gut microbiome and gut permeability which influences gut brain communication and can create an environment of systemic inflammation. These disturbances can profoundly impact brain function and have been linked to problems such as mental health disorders and autoimmune disease.


Cacao is a Prebiotic and Probiotic Food – it is Naturally Fermented


Prebiotics are essential because they are the food source for our gastrointestinal bacteria, our microbiome which are sometimes referred to as probiotics – these assist with communication between our gut and brain, our ‘microbiota – gut – brain axis’ through our central nervous system via the vagus nerve.


Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao in correct amounts actually calms the nervous system and brings with it a gentle and prolonged focus. Of course this is helpful when it comes to successfully guiding your children to do their homework after a long and often emotionally draining day at school. Adding some Tribal Moon Cacao to the breakfast routine is also a great idea so that your children may be better able to enjoy their day. And of course it is so yummy that they will keep asking for more!

Healthy gut microbiome is super important in being able to absorb and digest more nutrients; a link has been shown between the health of our gut and mood and mental health. The healthy microbiome also play a role in reducing inflammation and stabilising blood sugars which are key for brain health, especially for growing children whose brains require a lot of energy to function effectively as they explore the world around them.

We have a ‘symbiotic’ relationship with our gut microbes so if we know to nurture them by feeding them well, they are in turn able to help us become healthier and happier humans. It is important to have pure cacao – wild fermented and not roasted – for all the nutrients, fibre and resistant starch which makes it a true prebiotic food.


This is where we can help you with our Tribal Moon 100% organic Peruvian Ceremonial Grade Cacao. It simply ticks all the boxes and may even motivate your children to complete their homework AND help around the home!


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