Sensual Cacao Meditation for Beginners
Written by: Lauren, 3 min read

Cacao is a gentle yet profound heart opening plant medicine. It allows us to go deeply into unresolved emotions and trauma but will always offer us the choice as to whether or not we explore that for ourselves. So much healing can take place from setting sacred intent and sitting in deep mindfulness during the preparation and drinking of your cacao. In this post you will be guided through a simple meditation to awaken your sensuality and connection to the Divine. By developing your sensuality, you will naturally develop the capacity to feel connected with the Creator, as well as all of Creation itself.

Sensual cacao meditation helps us to discover and explore our body and learn how to use it to more deeply enjoy sound, colour, smell, taste, touch, and a profound sacred sexuality felt with all our senses. To reach a state of being where we can truly heal and express our sacred sexuality, will lead to awakening. A development of inner knowing will naturally progress that can guide us through our life journey.

Sensual cacao meditation gently assists an awakening of the senses which in turn awakens the heart and the mind. It is said that the Spirit of Cacao will show us the door, but it is up to us whether or not we will walk through to our own understanding and healing.

As you begin this meditation, make sure you have the time and space to truly nourish yourself and that you will not be disturbed.

You may want to sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, on a cushion, or even lie down somewhere you will be comfortable yet alert. It is important that the position you find is one that you can maintain long enough for this inner journey. Be gentle with yourself. If you find that you need to shift, it is ok to do so calmly and with mindfulness. When you meditate, it’s okay to have thoughts – they will come and go – just aim not to cling onto them. Allow them to rise and fall with your breath. Meditation need not be a strain or cause stress. Don’t try to force it. Just bring your gentle, nonjudgmental attention back to this meditation when you find your thoughts have taken you somewhere else.

It is time to drop your judgements and expectations. You have come to deepen your connection with yourself and the Creator. Once you begin this journey, stay with it until the end. Read through the meditation a few times to become familiar with the process. When you are ready, gently close your eyes.

Bring awareness to your breath. Notice the rise and fall of your chest, the natural rhythm of your breathing. Inhale deeply into your heart space and belly. Exhale any tension you may be holding onto. Stay with your breath for a few moments. If you find your thoughts wandering, gently come back to your heart space and belly. Thoughts are natural, they will come and go. Be kind to yourself.

Deeply inhale, first into your belly and then into your chest. Inhale as deeply as you can. Slowly begin to release the air, starting with your chest, then your belly. Do this for two more breaths.

Slowly bring your attention to the base of your spine. Allow yourself to feel any sensations that may arise there. Breathe deeply into the base of your spine and feel any tension slip away as you exhale. Stay with this for as long as you feel necessary to clear any tension and stress that is holding you down. Slowly move your awareness up to the organs of your body that create life; your creative centre. Breathe deeply and feel any sensations that may arise in this part of your body. You may feel guided to place your hands on your belly or your heart, this is a nurturing gesture of self care and love for your very being. Embrace your body as the cacao moves through you.

Moving your awareness up again, this time feel deeply into your heart space. With each breath feel it grow bigger, wider and more luminous. The magnetic field of our heart is very powerful and holds so much healing energy if we are attuned to it. This is also the gift of cacao, it will help you to feel more connected to your heart every time you sit with it intentionally and with gratitude for the spiritual medicine it brings.

As you continue to breathe, bring the air into your belly.

With one hand on your heart and the other on your belly, gently smile to yourself with divine love and sacred intent.

Let your breathing return to normal.

Spend a couple minutes in silence as you continue to connect sensually with your sacred body temple. Gently massage your body if it feels right to you in this moment.

Keep your eyes closed as you near the end of this sensual cacao meditation.

It’s important to come out of meditation slowly.

Bring your awareness back to your breath. Allow yourself to feel the in and out rhythm of the rise and fall of your breath.

On your next inhale, wiggle your fingers and toes if you desire. Gently shift your arms or legs as needed. It is a good time to do what helps you to feel fully grounded in your being.

When you’re ready, open your eyes with a soft downward gaze. Keep your focus inward.

Open your eyes fully as you’re ready. You may return to your day.

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