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Sound Therapy: Of Medicine Drums and Didgeridoo

It never ceases to amaze me… why is it that when you combine the frequencies of music with a safe and trustable healing space, set intentions, and create time and space to receive, instruments like the medicine drum, didgeridoo, and voice can add so much more to the healing journey?

Think about the impact of sound on a drop of water; you can literally see it — the vibration, the ripple, the tension, and the release. Does that drop of water goes back to its original state afterward? Or is it somewhat changed forever? 

Now, imagine the impact these frequencies have on the blood and the water you are made up of… simply wow! 

I believe safety, trust, and a deep commitment to doing the work myself daily have much to do with this.

There is so much to this, and I will be covering more about this in upcoming posts. But one thing is for sure, the feedback I get from people regarding the unique journeys and experiences they have during my sound healings, at events, or even just listening to music is often much more profound than I would have realised. It also seems that no two experiences are ever even close to being the same, I love this!  

I am feeling super inspired to share much more of this in 2023. Hence, I am launching my 2 new Medicine Drum and Didgeridoo courses in 2023. 

Here’s a bit more food for thought… 

1.) Certain frequencies correspond with certain parts of the body physically and spiritually (also emotionally, especially relating to the chakras).

Frequencies are known for helping the body heal and assisting with restoring the balance between body and mind. Chakras are the body’s energy centers that mark places where spiritual energies intersect and affect how a person feels physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Specific frequencies can stimulate and open these energy centers. While all seven significant chakras resonate at different frequencies, each shares the same energy. Everything in the universe has a specific frequency, including the chakras. Each of the seven major chakras vibrates at different frequencies.

2.) The way the body responds to frequency physically and emotionally is instant, so there is a noticeable difference as soon as this is added.

Sound baths help to induce relaxation in your body and brain by creating a synchronized state of consciousness. By listening to rhythmic sounds and breathing slowly, you can reach a place of deeper mindfulness and awareness. When we meditate, our mind becomes calm, and we can think clearly. This happens naturally, but sound can also be made easier. Sound therapy uses different sounds, such as gongs and chimes, to help people relax and become more aware of their bodies.

3)Because every interval (the space between 2 notes) has. A different interpretation emotionally to each individual, e.g., a minor 3rd, will most likely cue a feeling or resonance with the emotion of sadness.

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax more often? Sound can move through areas of blockage, whether they’re located in the physical body (where we experience localized pain), the subtle body (where we experience emotions and thoughts), or both. How do we want to feel? If we change our perspective, we can change the way we think. 

4) Music is all about tension and release; controlling this tension and release is so much of what sound healing is all about.

Music helps us move energy, which can help us create space and release build-up. Sound healing takes advantage of our brain waves' tendency to synchronize with sound waves. With music, we can achieve a profound state of relaxation, thereby restoring the expected vibratory frequencies of our cells. Through music, we can lower stress levels and have fewer mood swings. Sound therapy relies on specific frequencies of sound waves to heal the body and promote well-being.

5) The way instruments like the didgeridoo and medicine drum "move air" can be physically felt on the body, so you can "literally feel the movement of air on your body."

 There are patterns of sound that can help your body heal itself. Stress, illness, injury, and emotional trauma can drain our energy. We lose our ability to heal naturally, making us susceptible to disease. Instruments like didgeridoo and medicine drum create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere conducive to deep rest, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release.

6) Just like you can see the impact of sound on a drop of water, imagine the impact these frequencies have on the blood and the water you are made up from... simply wow!

It can be tempting to say everything all at once to quicken the process and get the client to where they want to be or who they want to become. However, recognizing that it is the client’s journey and not mine enables me to slow it down and become more intentional in my words. The most significant contribution to their journey is often witnessing their eyes flicker as they realised their own doings or acknowledge the actions they need to do. Again, their journey isn’t mine; I merely guide them to their own path.

The bottom line

It’s not surprising how most of us find listening to music therapeutic and relaxing. Soothing vibrations release stress, anxiety, and tension. Sound therapy, listening to music, even combined with cacao, medicinal teas, and tinctures, is a great way to release the tension. The invitation is to simply be present, breathe and receive.