Tribal Moon Cacao for Moon Time Part One: Creating a Moon Time Cacao Ceremony to Connect With Your Own Sacred Womb Vitality

Written by: Lauren Kiela Love

Throughout the ages women have beheld deep creative potential and essence during their moon time; it is an important part of the feminine healing arts. Whether this is through music, dance, tending to a garden, nurturing children or any of the other healing arts, it is uniquely expressed through each woman who has a healthy womb and thriving moon cycle.

But what if our womb doesn’t feel so healthy and our moon cycle isn’t thriving? Ceremonial cacao and moon time rituals are pathways to aligning with these moments of divinity and living deeper in true abundance and vitality. When we drink cacao with ceremonial intent there is always healing and creative expression taking place. Women who no longer go through monthly bleeding or have their physical womb may still cultivate and nurture their creativity and vitality for spiritual purposes and to create a more enjoyable and sensual life.

Creating a moon time ceremony with your Tribal Moon cacao will assist you in connecting deeply with your heart core and your womb, allowing the healing potential of this sacred plant teacher to blossom and gift you with more love and life. Cacao moon time ceremony can be done alone, on the first day of your cycle or with a group of sisters during a full or crescent moon. Whatever flows with and not against you and your life will nurture your heart, soul and your womb. Both alone and in the company of other women, this can be an imaginative monthly nurturing process. No matter where in our moon cycle we are at, cacao ceremony is a replenishing practice that soothes the mind, body and soul.

Benefits of Tribal Moon Cacao Ceremony During Moon Time 

Creating a moon time ceremony with your Tribal Moon cacao can be as simple as meditation, drumming, breath work, journaling intentions for the coming moon cycle and so forth. It is also good to move and be grounded in your body, connected to the earth beneath your feet. Music, dance, yoga and reiki are all good ways to experience this. Any of the healing or creative arts go well with ceremonial cacao. By planting seeds and lovingly nurturing your ritual you will inspire and reap the fruits of its harvest. As you grow in commitment to creating a healthy moon cycle and begin to explore different ways of activating your womb vitality, the gifts cacao brings to your life will continue to blossom. Tribal Moon Cacao comes as a gently loving yet profound plant medicine. Your life will transform with the presence of this plant teacher if you are devoted to the abundance of beauty and love that naturally flow out from within you.

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