Ceremonial Incense Burner

These handmade one of kind pieces are put through a very unique kiln process where there are slowly heated for almost a week with Australian flora and fauna including gum leaves, nuts and wattles, snakeskins, feathers, etc giving each piece its unique characteristics, colouring, and feel. Each mug takes on the various oils, colours and unique characteristics of these hand collected wild native Australian ingredients.

These unique ceremonial incense burners are perfect to use with charcoal so your Sage and Palo Santo can burn easily without going out, you control the amount of smoke and burn time.

Approximately 8-9cm high & about 10-12cm in diameter.


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Universal Incense Burner:

Ceremonial Incense Burner.We think these incense burners are the answer to all your incense needs – with a deep bowl that you can fill with sand or pebbles to create a heat resistant base & high back wall that acts as a wind break, the function is threefold;

  1. The dipped front edge will hold your Palo Santo Sticks like a cradle, the three holes across the dip encourage air flow to keep the stick lit longer & help it cool faster once it burns out.
  2. The same three holes hold any size commercially available incense sticks we have seen on the market, fat or thin, there are three size holes to hold your stick exactly at the angle you want it, with the base of the stick held firmly in place by the sand in the bottom of the bowl (which also catches any hot ash falling from the lit end).
  3. The sand-filled bowl also makes the perfect base for charcoal discs, so you can burn your resin incense, dried herbs, powdered incense, or incense cones with ease & safety. The dip at the front guides a gentle flow of air into the centre of the bowl to keep the incense & charcoal burning well & evenly. The sand helps to absorb the heat from the disc & catches all the ash that remains after burning. We even place our Palo Santo Sticks onto a hot charcoal (by leaning them up against the back wall of the holder with the tip resting on the lit disc) to keep them burning longer too. Universal Incense Burner


The versatility of this piece means you only require one item for all your incense needs. We also sell many accessories to compliment this burner perfectly (like Natural Charcoal Discs, White Colan Resin Incense, Palo Santo Sticks, Pure White River Sand etc.) in the Ritual Tools section of this shop (pictured in the last two images) so you can create your own gift set, or you can choose a ready made collection of items from the Sets section of this shop.

Note that the burner may get hot during use, even using sand in the base, so be sure to place it on a heat resistant surface (like a non flamable table, the ground, or a coaster) & treat it with the same caution you would any item using heat & fire, checking the temperature before picking it up or putting it away.


While these pieces will be very similar in size & shape, all of our pieces are completely unique in character & markings; from dark & moody, or pale & smokey, to those with both light & dark high contrasting markings & those with subtle shades of grey all over. As such, the images here are a representation only & the pieces you receive can vary greatly from any one particular photograph you are looking at. By looking through all the images here & on our social media (where we show the process & the latest results from the kiln) you can get a more accurate vision of the markings available at the time of your order.

We cannot photograph every piece individually, as you can imagine this would take us forever & still not be representative of every beautiful marking on each piece, but this we believe is the joy of our work, every piece unique, just like you. So if you have a particular preference for markings or tones, please say so in the order comments, otherwise we will pick you out our favourites from the latest batch…

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Ceremonial Incense Burner