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Handmade Cacao Whisky Lowball Mug:

These handmade ones of kind pieces are put through a very unique kiln process where there are slowly heated for almost a week with Australian flora and fauna including gum leaves, nuts, and wattles, snakeskins, feathers, etc giving each piece its unique characteristics, colouring, and feel. Each mug takes on the various oils, colours and unique characteristics of these hand-collected wild native Australian ingredients.

These unique mugs are the perfect size for sipping cacao and have such a warm and inviting feel, and a super smooth finish on the hands and you will literally not want to put your special mug down.

They are great for creating spectacular cocktails (as they also sit on their facets for creative presentation options) at 7.5cm high & 7-8cm diameter at the lip. Irregularly faceted & slightly oval, these asymmetrical but beautifully balanced forms are the perfect addition to your drinks cabinet or bar collection.

While these pieces will be very similar in size & shape, all of our pieces are completely unique in character & markings; from dark & moody, pale & smokey, to those with both light & dark high contrasting markings & those with subtle shades of grey all over. As such, the images here are a representation only & the pieces you receive can vary greatly from any one particular photograph you are looking at.

We cannot photograph every piece individually, as you can imagine this would take us forever & still not be representative of every beautiful marking on each piece, but this we believe is the joy of our work, every piece unique, just like you. So if you have a particular preference for markings or tones, please say so in the order comments, otherwise, we will pick you out our favourites from the latest batch…

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Handmade Cacao Lowball Mug